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trekker pete 10-28-08 06:23 PM

Can I go to a bigger tire.
My trek 1200 currently rolls on 700x25s. I've been happy with them for my commute so far. But now that my entire commute is in the dark, pothole/bump avoidance is not as good. I am therefore thinking that going to a 28 or possibly even fatter tire might not be a bad idea. Trouble is, my side pull shimano (I think) brakes don't release very far. It might mean either loosening the cables or deflating the tire to get it off the bike.

I 'spose I could live with this as about the only reason I take the tires off anyway when away from home is to repair a flat.

Any suggestions?

How bout a tire with a taller profile? Do they make such a thing? It wouldn't be wider, just taller. Or is that possible.

thebeatcatcher 10-28-08 06:44 PM

would it be possible to go to an LBS and see if they'll let you (or them) use wheels from other bikes to check the clearance on your bike for wider tires?

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