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Sancycles 12-17-13 03:27 AM

My Putchalin now renamed Wallaby.
Will later install stainless basket and rear carrier.

Sancycles 12-18-13 09:02 AM


Under what category or type of bicycle would you put this bicycle?

A High Wheeler, minivelo, utility or novelty type. I use this bicycle for errands to the groceries and visiting friends around the block.

Sancycles 01-04-14 11:54 AM

Got this surplus alloy pedals from a trader. Still in mint condition.

Wanderer 01-04-14 12:17 PM

You've got the coolest stufffffff................ always enjoyable to open your threads.

Sancycles 01-05-14 08:39 PM

Just visited a new Japanese bicycle trader and bought this unique plastic basket.

Sancycles 01-10-14 05:59 AM

Miyata 2WD, 3 Wheeler

Installed 2 stainless basket as a dog cage.

Sancycles 01-25-14 07:54 AM

My 1st tandem, a Schwin Tango. Gave up 3 of my Japanese commuter bicycles. First accessory added was a Shimano Dynamo Brake Hub. The fenders were changed to chrome finish but I will restore the original fenders after a repaint.

zinkk 01-25-14 06:42 PM

That looks like a fun bike. I love this thread.

Sancycles 01-29-14 05:35 AM

I had the fenders removed for under coating. The original fenders are still under repainting process. So far had the bottom brackets over hauled for greasing. The tandem is in tip top condition at the moment. I will be sourcing for a basket, carrier and LED headlights. My son is excited to ride the tandem.

Sancycles 02-06-14 01:09 AM

Schwinn Tango Tandem today.
Installed a front plastic basket with white reflector , Topeak rear carrier, a rear flashing LED light.

Schwinn Tango Tandem

Sancycles 03-09-14 01:34 PM

I accidentally found this set of 22 x 1 3/4 inner tubes in one of the surplus store. A National Panaracer inner tubes which I needed for my utility bicycle which is a rare size.

Sancycles 03-23-14 01:32 PM

Just came from a bicycle show ( Robinsons Town Mall Malabon City) where they held their 1st Bicycle Show. I entered my Schwinn Tango Tandem and my Scorcher High Wheeler and both won in their respective categories.

Check my FB Serafin Nepomuceno for pictures of the show.

Sancycles 06-07-14 11:27 AM

Bridgestone Hello Kitty
Scheduled for modifications is my Bridgestone Hello Kitty. A size 26 frame set.
Of the original bicycle what would be left is the frame and pork.
Installation of stainless steel parts for less maintenance is a priority.

Sancycles 11-24-14 04:33 PM

3 Attachment(s)
A Waica mamachari 3 wheeler.

Fresh from the container.
So far the following changes has been made.
Replacement of rims and spokes to stainless steel.
Replaced the 3 worn out tires.
New pedals.

Sancycles 11-27-14 12:45 PM

6 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Sancycles (Post 17336524)
A Waica mamachari 3 wheeler.

Fresh from the container.
So far the following changes has been made.
Replacement of rims and spokes to stainless steel.
Replaced the 3 worn out tires.
New pedals.

After the up-grades.

Wanderer 11-27-14 12:58 PM

I love your bike pics - never miss them...............

Sancycles 12-10-14 05:38 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Waica 3 Wheeler after repainting the fenders and rear carrier.

Sancycles 12-20-14 12:52 PM

Waica Stainless Rims
1 Attachment(s)
Last replacement on the wheels. I dismantled a stainless steel rim from my Bridgestone Como, a 22 x 1.75 to replace the rear alloy rims of my Waica. I have to install back the original allloy rims of the Bridgestone.

Sancycles 01-26-15 11:10 AM

8 Attachment(s)
My Motocross bike converted to a street bike. Named it Street Glider.

Sancycles 05-23-15 02:58 PM

Cannodale MTB
2 Attachment(s)
After a long time in my bodega I gave my Cannondale a general wash. I brought it to a car wash and here it is now.

Jdmflipbike 07-24-15 04:43 AM

Hi mang boy.
Great collection ng jdm bikes. Taga concepcion po ba kayo? Minsan daanan ko kayo dyan baka sakali may mapulot ng ginto for my bike. Hehehe. From malabon din po ako

GovernorSilver 07-24-15 11:56 AM

Long but really interesting looking thread. I don't know much about the Philippine bicycle culture, other than they've got an active triathlon scene. Every time I've visited, I've seen more motorcycles and scooters than bikes.

I did read though that there was supposed to be a bike lane experiment on the EDSA (major traffic artery) on June 28 this year, in which half the lanes were to be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists, but that experiment never happened.


GovernorSilver 07-31-15 09:23 AM

Shimano is among the Japanese companies relocating factories from China to the Philippines:

Relocation of 200+ Japanese Factories from China to PH Starts - The Philippine Pride

beardrooler 03-17-17 06:30 AM


pano po remove chain guard ng jap bicycle?


1nterceptor 03-17-17 11:31 AM

Lagay po kayo ng mga litrato. Sa kaliwa, kanan, harap at likod na gilid po.

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