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Junkdad 02-13-08 09:48 AM

Here is my new commuter - '08 Lemond Poprad, size 52.

I wanted a nice steel frame with road gearing that had plenty of room for fenders. I kinda wish it had a triple sometimes, because I pull my 6 yr old on a trail-a-bike.

I got a second wheelset for commuting.

The grocery pannier is permanently attached to the rack, I love being able to drop my backpack (or my kids' backpack(s) into it and go.

It took a little effort to get the rack installed, but it works out great. I can remove racks and fenders pretty easily for trail riding.

I opted not to go with the extra brake levers and haven't regretted it. I spend a ton of time in the drops, thanks to the relaxed set-up.

Overall, I'm real happy. I don't know if it would be practical for touring, but as a commuter it is just about ideal. I can't wait to hit the singletrack sometime...

climbhoser 02-13-08 11:31 AM

Chek mine out:

Will be adding Soma Sparrows in about 1 week. Also will be eventually putting a Surly Free/Free rear hub on, and a front Shimano Generator Hub.

Right now I have 105/MA3 wheels with a Surly SS kit on rear. I like it, but want to get a strong SS specific wheel with no dish.

My lights aren't in the pic, though the mount is. Have PB Superflash and a Sigma rear blinker for the rear and a Cygolite DualCross with the NiMH upfront.

I also don't typically have my kiddo on the rear, but my BanjoBrothers Saddlebag Panniers. Those things are AWESOME for general commuting. I wouldn't take them on a tour because they do shift a little bit, but for my quick & dirty commute they get the job done for cheap ($50).

I LOVE everything about this bike. Never thought I could love a bike so much, but I do.

kafkaesque 02-15-08 11:04 AM

My winter commuter, made from a 1980 Schwinn LeTour frame and a bunch of mismatched parts.

sykerocker 02-15-08 11:22 AM

My lunch time errand runner, a '92 GT Passage. The wife caught a guy about to throw it in the dumpster, had him load it in the back of her car. Took me four evenings to tear it down, clean up and rebuild. Have added a rear rack and carrier pack since the pic was taken - Blumel Popular fenders are coming in the near future, once I get the alloys for my touring bike.

pjohn12 02-15-08 02:41 PM

I am a lover of the poprad. Nice setup with the saddle rack and everything else. What kind of rack you rolling with?

Junkdad 02-16-08 11:59 AM

Thanks! It is a Blackburn road rack that i pulled off another bike. The poprad doesn't have seatstay rack mounts so we fashioned a special mount that attaches to the seatstay bridge. It has to bend to go around the brake cable. It's kind of a pain but fully functional now.

dsoul27 02-16-08 09:35 PM

1 Attachment(s)
heres my baby... 2007 diamondback response. no upgrade except the thinner rode tires and some lights.

PJones0012 02-17-08 03:57 PM

My commuter
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07 Motobecane Elite FS
Has stock off the shelf components except for the pedals, I've added Forte Campus 2-sided pedals.
Shimano Acera 21 Speed, PushButtonShifters, 6061 Aluminum ComfortTuned frame, RST Magnesium TR Pro Suspension Fork 700c, Forged Aluminum V Brakes, Silver Aluminum Double Wall Rims, Stainless Spokes 36fr/36r, M-Wings hubs, Forged aluminum Crankset, M-Wings Aluminum Bar, ComfortAdjust Stem and Micro-adjust ComfortSuspension Seatpost, RoadLight 700cx40c tires.
This is a work in progress. I've added a Topeak Explorer OS rack with U-lock, Dahon rear light mounted on the rack with a Planted Bike Super Flash on each side of the rear wheel. I have 4 different Topeak QR trunk bags, a Sigma Mirage light set and Planet Bike Beamer 3 LED set on strobe. A Topeak Mule front pannier rack and 2 set of panniers, Topeak and InTransit, finish off what I have so far.
(Sorry about the crappy picture. Cheap camera and I'm trying to learn Photoshop so I can edit photo size.)

mrejda 02-17-08 04:28 PM

Miyata 610 commuter
I was taking pictures today for another project and threw this together of my recently put together 83 Six Ten. The frame is way too small so I did what I could. I'm planning on doing a few 40 mile rounds trips a week on it when the weather breaks. This will be my first time bike commuting but I've put some long rides on the bike and it's pretty forgiving.
There's a PB superflash and a Fenix L2D for the lighting. Some MKS pedals, an army medic bag, northroad bars, ESI chunky grips, and other assorted stuff I could find to get it into shape.

craigdurkee 02-17-08 05:15 PM

how do you find those type of bars

mrejda 02-17-08 05:57 PM

There's some discussion in the thread below. I feel like I'm a bit slower but my hands and wrists were fine after a 40 mi and 30 mi ride. I have no experience with drops (looking to change that) but these were a big improvement over a MTB flatbar with barends.

Wheels4 02-20-08 07:31 PM

just took this away from wife(bought it for her over a yr ago... she's never ridden it) and converted to my bad weather commuter...

best part: bought it on ebay for under 70.00

-holiday76 02-21-08 09:22 AM

first commute for me this season. First commute on a non recumbent bike in a few years. Still have some kinks to work out with the bike, which is an early 70's raleigh grand prix.

fordfasterr 02-23-08 09:10 AM

I found this bike at REI, me likes it ! (But I do not own it)... I was just browsing their site and there it was, pannier racks and fenders + internal gear hub + front generator hub.

StokerPoker 02-23-08 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by fordfasterr (Post 6216626)
I found this bike at REI, me likes it ! (But I do not own it)... I was just browsing their site and there it was, pannier racks and fenders + internal gear hub + front generator hub.

I looked at those last year. Glad to see they come in a nicer color for '08. A couple of "deal breakers" for me were the fact that it had a grip shifter and I don't like taking wheels off with internal hubs. Silly reasons I suppose, but I'm happy with the '07 Kentfield I got

chipcom 02-23-08 02:15 PM

I finally got around to updating the pics of some of my bikes, notably the commuters.

Primary Commuter: 2005 Fuji World

Winter Commuter: 2006 Raleigh Rt24

Sixty Fiver 02-23-08 09:47 PM

Just posted this in the winter and vintage commuter's forums and I guess it could go in the folding forum too...:)

chiefhoser 02-24-08 10:27 AM

Winter Commuter
Here is my winter commuter. It is a 70's era (I think) road bike, labeled Tour de France Jacques Anquetil. The local used bike shop (LUBS) built it up as a single speed for me and I've since done a few modifications on it, such as the newer pedals and the moustache handlebars. There are still a few things I want to do on it, I'm thinking of replacing the Mafac brake levers with cyclocross levers, primarily for ease of maintenace. The Mafac Racer brakes are still fine though and I'll be keeping them.

billbass 02-24-08 07:59 PM

Hey aMull. Nice to see another Iron Horse.They seem to be the black sheep of the bike world. I know mine is a damn nice bike.I couldn't even find a review for mine, an 07 Adventure anywhere on line, which really didn't matter because I test rode it several times, and loved it. It seems some business decisions made by the company made them arch enemies of small bike shops. At least thats what I have heard. Riders love em, smaller lbs hate them. Someone correct me if I'm ill informed.If anyone here has the full story, I'd be interested in reading it. It's too bad you don't see more of them around. Mine is a bombproof little bike that will go anywhere.

rfomenko 02-24-08 08:19 PM

I converted my 2007 Raleigh to the Sturmey Archer 3 speed SRF3 hub (their new version) at the time of purchase in November 2007. I just paid $470 for the bike on sale plus $230 for SA hub/better wheels upgrade (Sunrims CR18/105 front wheel hub/DT Swiss spokes). The Brooks saddle to top it of and here is the modern recreation of the classic Raleigh Clubman:
The SA hub is very small & most people think the bike is a fixie. It also adds only about 2lb to the weight of the bike unlike Shimano 8 speed which is 4lb and quite large. SA is also less expensive and easier to service. I also figured that I do not need more than 3 speeds in New York. I am VERY happy with the setup. I also have Bianchi Volpe which is basically a 27 speed version of this Raleigh, Surly Pacer with Ultegra/Campagnolo Proton wheels. This Raleigh is used almost exclusively this winter.

treekella 02-24-08 10:48 PM

cool bikes

Hornpipe2 02-25-08 06:48 PM

Here's mine: a Raleigh Marathon, circa 1984. Got it free. It's very tall.

This was supposed to be a 'before' shot, but there's no 'after' yet since my Nashbar rear rack came with bolts that are too small for the eyelets above the rear axle. I probably just completely embarrassed myself with incorrect terminology there... : )

EDIT: Anyone else with the same rack as Wheels4 above, can you post a close-up of your rack mounting? Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Wheels4 02-25-08 07:27 PM

here ya go hornpipe....

and yes, i know i need to clean the drive train and lube it... :D:rolleyes:

knatchwa 02-25-08 11:11 PM

great to see so many interesting bikes, so many modifications to make it just right that is great. Still only using my Giant Rincon 21" for everything, be nice to have a bike specific but just not viable yet. Thanks for sharing they are good photos, full of ideas.

riddei 02-26-08 10:24 AM

Just replaced the standard hybrid bars with Nashbar Trekking bars. This Trek T-80 Navigator came complete with integrated lights, rack, compact pump, fenders, chain-guard, kick stand, integrated lock, and bell. The last year they sold it in the USA was 2005. I bought this in the summer of 2006 as a leftover.

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