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Alloy Addict 09-28-06 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by bdinger
That Kogswell is sooo insanely sexy. Bravo.

And.. the price is pretty hard to be. Dangit. Too many bikes, not enough budget!! ;)

No doubt...and that applies to every sentence. Seeing FlippingHades bike completed got me back onto the Kogswell site, and the P/R frame, with fenders, and two forks is a bargain. Surly price, but much nicer.

Are those frames made by Toyo, or what? Do you know? I noticed on their site that they had pictures of some of their bikes that seemed to be in the same factory as some Rivendells. Those seemed to have lugs though.

FlippingHades 09-28-06 11:47 PM

Kog frames are all made by Maxway. (I think it's all the frames - I know the P/R is). Matthew's mentioned that they use a couple of different shops for the forks. Riv's new Bleriot is also made by Maxway,

The frame price, btw, includes one fork, not two (but it also includes a headset, seatpost, and seatpost binder) - you can pick one of the three different rakes. Additional forks are $60 each, I think. I'm glad I bought two, since I shipped one to Ira Ryan to build a rack for it!

h2o_polo_boi 09-29-06 07:08 PM

here's my commuter bike for now

Russ 09-29-06 09:20 PM

[Regarding my earlier question about posting photos vice links]

So how does everyone get their photos to just appear in the thread? What's the trick?

Alloy Addict 09-30-06 12:04 AM

Thanks FlippingHades, my brain put the Taiwan aspect together after I posted that when I remembered that the Bleriot is made in Taiwan. They still look amazing.

I don't know where I got the idea about two forks being included either. It's a wonder I can remember which way the crank turns.

DogBoy 09-30-06 01:28 PM

steel is real ;)

neoz 09-30-06 07:26 PM

I've spent far too long drooling over everyone else's bikes, so it is high time that I posted a shot of my late 80's or perhaps early 90's Bianchi MTB that I'm pretty much finished converting for full time commutage. It hung in my parent's garage for years, and three years ago I began fixing it up, with only utility and not aesthetics in mind, as you can tell from its generally mongrel look.

I recently took off my home-made light that I created after reading all of the interesting stuff in the Dork Light sticky. I lost the battery charger in a recent move, the whole thing weighed a ton, was never really waterproof (a big deal in coastal Florida) and I never managed to get a bulb that could focus all of that light well. I'm happy with a new 3000 candlepower Cateye clip on and off. As much as I like gizmos, there is alot to be said for simplicity.

I've really enjoyed getting to know the guys at the LBS and put on slick tires, cool fenders, a rack, grocery bag panniers (that I love) headlight and blinkie, lots of reflective tape, bell, reasonably good saddle, mirror (that I think I'll take off, fairly useless) and a new adjustable stem that I enjoyed tinkering with, as it required redirecting my front brake cable. That little thing on the top tube is a radio, because alot of my ride is wide open sidewalk which borders a shoulderless heavily travelled road which is totally unsuitable for any bikes slower than the fastest roadies- trust me on this one. Anyway the sidewalks are nearly empty, so I feel comfortable listening to NPR on that section of my morning commute, as I'm nowhere near any cars. When I'm on a street I, of course, do not have headphones in my ears.

I teach high school social studies and haven't begun commuting yet this year, as it is still too hot here in South Florida, and my school doesn't have showers available. However, I'm looking forward to begin commuting again perhaps this coming week, right after I replace my ancient freewheel and chain. I've almost convinced my wife to ride in with me, she also teaches at my school, which is really nice. To entice her, I've been making her beach cruiser more comfortable. I'd love to buy her a proper commuter, or an Electra Townie, but the budget won't allow that sort of thing now.

Well, after writing all of that, I am unable to post my photos, because I can't get my camera to take pics smaller than 100k, which the website is telling me is all it allows. How do you guys do it? Until I figure it out, the above rambling description won't have accompanying photos, which seems pretty useless.

donnamb 09-30-06 07:38 PM

Put it on Flickr and send us a link?

azesty 09-30-06 11:09 PM

Or make them smaller?


eibeinaka 09-30-06 11:58 PM

My LHT...again!
Just figuring out how to post pictures in the body of the post... you were.

wild animals 10-01-06 01:10 AM

okay now that i have commuted i can officially call my bike a commuter! :D

here it is:

i know, there is so much stuff. too much stuff. but i NEED it! now there is a bit more reflective tape (i made it symmetrical, so it's on all 4 of the rack stays and both sides of bottle cage etc.) and i don't use the seat bag anymore because it's in the way of my cateye ld1000. i always have my banjo bros pannier on the rack, now, for tools and water and all that. i used a pump mount to attach my pepper spray to the top tube. :) on the handlebar i have the airzound, headlight, bike computer, and sometimes the bike computer nightlight. someday i'll get a dynahub and get the headlight off of there. when i get my new pannier the pump will go in there. then i'll be happy with the amount of crap i have attached to the bike. i really do like stuff to be spartan, although you couldn't tell from my house or my bicycle :)

neoz 10-01-06 05:56 AM

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Ok, I've taken your advice and posted my bike photos on Flickr. The bike I'm talking about is the red Bianchi. The blue bike is my wife's rarely used low-quality beach cruiser. Hoping to upgrade that. I seriously recomend those Nasbar grocery panniers. Cheap, fold up well, and simple.
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nycballer0591 10-01-06 03:35 PM

this is my Ross Mt.Snow 256 i wonder if i can turn it into a commuter

drb2003 10-01-06 05:55 PM

Here's my new commuter...Rivendell Bleriot 51cm, 650b wheels. It's first commute was last friday...I hope to have many many more because it was truly a pleasure! It will be getting Honjo hammered fenders and an Inoled 2+ LED light with shimano dynohub as soon as I feel like installing them!

WorldPax 10-03-06 04:48 PM

My commuter, now I just have to find a job to commute to since I was fired last week. Damn shame too, I had a nice 12 mile commute going on. Anyway, the bike is a stock Redline 9.2.5. I added the rack and the "geek light". The trunk is a $2 tool box that holds my tubes, tools and such, plus the 5ah SLA battery with charger to run the lights. The light consists of a 10w and 20w hallogen MR-16's. Soon I will be adding a Velman strobe for some serious blinding power. I have a set of panniers for clothes and a laptop I used to have to carry. I'm loving this bike, the bars work well for me, I understand they don't for everyone, and the single speed is giving me legs like tree trunks, serious calves of mass destruction.

Boo yah!

littlefoot 10-03-06 04:53 PM

I love this forum/ come and go... I still think the 925 is one of the best bargains out there for a commuter

BAH 10-04-06 07:31 AM

Mine :)

Older shot

Best side :)

Cyclaholic 10-06-06 04:06 AM


Originally Posted by eibeinaka
My Surly LHT

That is a superb build, I love the look of your LHT.


eibeinaka 10-06-06 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by Cyclaholic
That is a superb build, I love the look of your LHT.

Thanks. I'm really happy with the options I took. The dynohub and light combination works above expectation, and the take-offs worked out well once I fitted a rapid-rise rear derailleur. I'm still stunned at how comfy the LHT ride is;of course, it helps it's not the too-small alumunium compact frame racer I had before.

GTcommuter 10-06-06 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by BAH
Mine :)

Very cool bike. I've been on a borrowed xtracycle for the past week and it was a very fun bike. Handled much better than I expected and of course could carry a ton of stuff.

Novakane 10-06-06 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by BAH
Mine :)

Very nice, looks like it carries every and the kitchen sink if necessary. ;)
Cool long board, btw. We don't see too many of those around here.

BigMacFU 10-06-06 02:59 PM

I've finally finished upgrading my commuter, it's a folder because I can't lock up where I am (NYC) and they don't allow bikes inside. It's fantastic though! You can follow this link to a larger version of the pic:

familytrain 10-06-06 03:07 PM

58cm crosscheck with stuff on it. used to be a fixed gear, but grandpaw couldn't handle the hilly commute no more.

Tango6 10-06-06 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by BigMacFU
I've finally finished upgrading my commuter, it's a folder because I can't lock up where I am (NYC) and they don't allow bikes inside. It's fantastic though! You can follow this link to a larger version of the pic:

That's quite a book collection. Seminary student?

Tango6 10-06-06 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by familytrain

58cm crosscheck with stuff on it. used to be a fixed gear, but grandpaw couldn't handle the hilly commute no more.

Sweet crosscheck. I like your avatar. Saw one of his albums on the wall at a convenience store in Norman Ok once. I couldn't believe it almost as much as the clerk couldn't believe I knew who it was.

Heino, what a voice!

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