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spaceballs 03-30-09 11:42 PM

Brooks Team Pro Question
This isn't exactly a commuting question, but this sub-forum is probably the most knowledgeable of all things Brooks. Just got a Team Pro for my fixed gear, as my B17 was a little uncomfortable [4-5 inches of saddle-bar drop was too much]. I am trying to get it adjusted right, but sitting on the Team Pro just feels different. On the B17, my butt just kind of knew where to sit; the Team Pro feels different. It almost feels like I sit further back on the Team Pro saddle, versus the B17 where it was pretty uncomfortable to sit further back towards the rail.

Has anyone else found this to be the case? I tried a couple of Specialized saddles, but couldn't stand them and ended up trying a Brooks.

Maybe it will just take a few hundred miles on this one to figure out the best way to sit on this saddle.

Any help? I guess I am asking if anyone else can tell me kind of "where you sit" on a Team Pro.

mkeller234 03-30-09 11:58 PM

I noticed the same thing with my pro. I set the saddle so the nose was raised up a touch and it seems to have helped me find a comfortable position. The pro is pretty narrow until you get all the way to the back maybe thats why?

unterhausen 03-31-09 12:26 AM

I sit too far back on my Team Pro shaped Brooks (it's actually a Special blah blah model). I'm thinking I need to drop the nose, I certainly don't see how raising the nose is going to help.

Using the Brooks made me realize my sitbones are crooked. I've always had the feeling that my plastic saddles were higher on the right. But my Brooks is lower on the right. Not sure what to do about that, I might have to relent and use Brooks on my other bikes as well as my commuter.

mkeller234 03-31-09 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by unterhausen (Post 8633508)
I'm thinking I need to drop the nose, I certainly don't see how raising the nose is going to help.

When I had the saddle where it looked level I kept feeling like I was sliding forward, or sitting in a place that forced wedgies. When I raised the nose it seemed to keep my butt planted in place.

I have no previous Brooks experience so I don't quite know what spot I am looking for so I have been experimenting. Maybe I am sitting too far back, it's hard to tell.

unterhausen 03-31-09 01:15 AM

I just figure since I can feel the rivets, I'm sitting too far back. I should adjust and see what happens.

mkeller234 03-31-09 03:46 AM

Yeah, it seems like a bit of work is needed to find the sweet spot. I figure my "sit bones" should plant just a bit in front of the rivets so the leather can stretch under my weight. It just gives me an excuse to ride around today and I think Ohio has 60 degree weather forcasted :D

CastIron 03-31-09 07:21 AM

The Team Pro is quite different. It's shape, narrower width, and even the thicker leather (longer break-in) make it ride different. As it breaks in expect the nose to climb a bit. Notice how the back of the saddle is dead level, though.

tarwheel 03-31-09 07:51 AM

The Team Pro has thicker leather than the B17, so it should take longer to break in. That might account for much of your issues. If you ride with 4-5 inches of bar drop, the Pro should be a more suitable saddle for you than the B17. The hardest thing about Brooks saddles is getting them set up right. Once you clear that hurdle, you should be home free.

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