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echotraveler 10-21-09 07:47 PM

Got a new seat! and used my new helmet lights!
Hello guys!

Today a good friend gave me a FiZi:k Aliante Seat with carbon post for my moulton!!:thumb: he's very into sport cycling and has a lot of gear. His even going look for pedals and cycling shoes within his stach!!!:
Im very happy, and thankfull to him! Unfortunately the carbon seat post didn't fit my Moulton but the seat fits the original post, when i compared weight i was amazed how much my old Middlemore weighed!:eek:

To get the seat i had to commute an extra 4 miles, plus the parking lot were he works has a pretty steep hill, to my surprise i overcame it! My friend rode the little Moulton all around the parking and praised it! :love: we spoke for a while and the sun started to fall, got out of there at 6:40.

Long way to go back home, and the best opportunity to try the new B&M Topfire bought from the good fellows at Peterwhitecycles, this 4 leds attach to your helmet and blink. Right now my only lights...the headlight and rearlights need dyno, and my build isn't complete. Thankfully drivers around seemed to respect me on the road, except people that came from my front that didnt see me much!:( but i was careful. I could recommend this little lights, they emit a very bright red light and only cost like 21.00 bucks.

On the way home i met 2 cyclist, and asked them if they were heading to Old San Juan, to which they replied "Yes we are" and one of them automatically said "this is my vehicule, i go to work with this bike". :eek:ANOTHER COMMUTER!! i coudn't believe it! the first commuter i meet! :D high fived him on the spot! So rolled together, its nice to ride in groups specially at night. Theres this one long steep hill on the entrance to old san juan that i always evade! Today i gave it my all and also got to the top pedaling!!!!:D another great improvement!

heres the only vid i could find were the trolly go's down the big hill...

added some pics to make the thread valid;)

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