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Herding deer

Old 10-26-09, 09:36 AM
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Herding deer

I had a wonderful and weird experience this morning. I turned on to the MUP that I usually ride and about 30 yards up the trail was a buck with a small 6 point rack standing in the trail. I slowed figuring he would bolt and run. Instead he walked/trotted aong the trail for about another 100 yards with me rolling slowly behind 25-30 feet away. Every once in a while he would pause and look back at me as I coasted along and then decide to trot along a little further. Finally, he found a good place to exit the MUP into the brush and stood on the embankment watching me ride by. It was a very cool way to start the day! In five years of ride ing it the first time I have ever herded a deer. Just one more experience you won't have in a car.
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Sounds like the deer was herding you. not the other way around.

But cool story. I like seeing animals on my commute too. But its usually rabid squirrels trying to gnaw on my face.
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Beats mine a week or so ago. Came up on a buk and he planted his hooves and lowered his head like he was going to charge.

Seems they're defending getting a little doe this time of year
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Cool, that was a great way to start your day. I used to live in suburban Maryland until I retired. I now live in the middle of a 2.2 million acre national forest west of Glacier National Park. I see wild life every day, they out number the humans. (You have to be cautious here, in addition to deer, elk and moose there are also mountain lions and bears, both grizzly and black bears. The grizzlies are eating machines, especially in spring and fall when they're either coming out of or about to go into hibernation.) The only time I get worried about not being able to stop if something pops out of the forest and bounds across the road is when I'm coming down the hills in the forest. Some are steep enough that even pulsing the brakes every few seconds I can't keep my speed under 20 MPH--the last thing I want to do is crash on the side of a mountain. Deer will often sprint quickly if they don't turn and run the other way. The wild turkey are another matter, they won't give their ground. (And no, they aren't stupid. Like many other "critters" here they like crab apples. The turkey tend to flock together and they'll problem solve together. To get the crab apples, one of the flock will get up on a limb and shake it so that the tiny crab apples fall to the ground. It's very interesting to watch them.) Here are the type of road I ride in good weather. You can see the forest is dense enough it's often hard to see if deer, elk or moose are nearby and might be about to cross the road.

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Reminds me of the time I was on tour and way down south in Baja... doing a climb up a not too bad mountain grade and within days of my ultimate destination. As I slowly rounded the corner there was a herd of goats blocking the entire road and a herder slowly moving them along.

He indicated that I should just keep on coming (with my full panniers, I didn't move fast) and I slowly moved through the herd. The goats slowly parted and left me a path as I approached. I felt I was one with the moment in a truly zen way. (or perhaps it was just the thin air and the long tour). There was no motor traffic about, the air was clear and fine and all I could hear were the goats making bleat bleat noises, and the couple of bells they wore and my chain whirring about as I went through the herd.

It was a defining moment.
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Once herded 8 geese crossing the road.
Did a half circle like a sheep dog.
Thumbs up from motorists waiting for them to waddle across.
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That sounds like it was pretty cool, glad you got to experience something like that on your ride.

I got chased by a pack (you heard me) of wild turkeys near Hinckley, Illinois. Yours is way better.
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