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TrekJapan 11-06-09 04:24 PM

Time to pick up a new commuter bike
I've got all manner of bikes around here however I sold my Trek SU 2.0 a while back and there's been a gap.

My actual commute is negligible. I live on a military base in Japan and work is a whopping 2 km away. That being said I need a commuter sized bike to run errands in that'll handle a rack, fenders and pannier. Also I want something that I can leave outside in the rain on occasion.

Yesterday I was at a local shop and they had a Giant Seek although I can't find it on the Japanese or American web site. This is a basic bike with lower end components, brown with orange trim and fork. Good looking bike.

A quick perusal of the Japanese web site shows a similar bike with hydraulic disc brakes and a better component line for not much more money. There's a local chain store here that sells Giant I can probably get it from or I can have the bike shop order it I'm sure. The local store is about 40 miles away. I can ride the train up and then ride the bike home if they have one which I bet they do.

I'm also going to Okinawa soon to work and know a bike shop or three that can get the same bike for me. Then I can pay the local Japanese UPS type company (Black Cat) to ship back home.

I hadn't seen anything since the Trek SU 2.0 that floated my boat and I was positively nuts for selling the Trek. But I took one look at this Giant and decided it was just what I was looking for. A hauler that I wouldn't be afraid to get dirty.


jagsfanrick 11-06-09 04:26 PM

If you are in the military Thank you.

TrekJapan 11-06-09 04:29 PM

I'm not. I'm a civil service employee that deploys with active duty Marines. I just spent two weeks in Afghanistan.

But I'm happy to see support for the fine men and women of the Armed Forces. Thanks.


waynesworld 11-06-09 05:00 PM

Here it is on the US site:

I test rode one, and didn't buy it, but it was a medium and they didn't have a large. It might have felt better had it fit.

Good luck!

RedWhiteandRed 11-06-09 07:15 PM

Hi, I have been riding the Giant Seek 1 (2009) since April. It now has 2,000 miles and is perfect: it works as well as the day I got it. Since buying new it has needed rear brake pads, the chain tightened and the shimano recommended planned maintenance on the Alfine 8-Speed internal hub.

This bike has: hydraulic disk brakes and 8 speed internal gears.

I use the bike as a more than daily commuter (8 miles each way for coffee over streetcar tracks, rough roads and loads of car traffic) - I also take the bike for occasional 50 miles rides on the weekend.

Fenders, a headlight and tail light, a rack and pannier were added. I derive tremendous enjoyment from riding this bike and would recommend it to anyone looking for a commuter. I paid $900 CDN.

chipcom 11-06-09 10:01 PM

WTF, don't they still rent benjo bombers at the Exchange? ;)

pass on a "Semper Fi, better you guys in Iwasucki than I" to your jugheads for me. :beer:
(actually I loved it over there ;))

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