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Treespeed 11-06-09 07:53 PM

Waited one Day too long in the Bomproof search
Thanks for all of the suggestions in my Bombproof Clipless thread. But it looks like I waited one day too long:

The retaining nut broke right off where the threads end leaving the pedal hanging off my shoe. Luckily I stayed up right and rolled sheepishly up to sidewalk. The rest of the six mile ride home was a great reminder of the pain of one-legged drills.

My reluctance is that I have 4 bikes and I've had matching pedals on them for years so even a cheap replacement x4 adds up pretty quickly. Makes me wish they still made the original double sided Ritcheys. I have one pair that are at least a decade old, serviceable and still going strong.

Thanks again everyone for all of the great suggestions.

seawind161 11-07-09 09:39 PM

Wow, +1 on the old Ritcheys. I had a red pair and a champagne-beige pair- excellent design and lasted forever.

Nashbar made a near-identical looking knockoff for a while, but I don't know if they were similar internally.

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