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hillikus 11-06-09 09:42 PM

150 Miles in a dress and heels at 84 years old...

This lady is awesome.

irclean 11-06-09 10:35 PM

Good for her. I can only hope to be able to accomplish such a feat if I'm lucky enough to make it to her age.

RedZone 11-06-09 10:36 PM

I want to be her when I grow up.

CACycling 11-06-09 10:56 PM

Originally Posted by RedZone (Post 9998388)
I want to be her when I grow up.

I'd love for us ALL to be her when we grow up!

semperfi1970 11-07-09 08:08 AM

Wow, she is so cool.

Foofy 11-07-09 11:55 AM

That's pretty freaking awesome.

olliesdad01 11-07-09 04:41 PM

Thank you for posting this link!

My first thought was "This could be me in 20 years!", well, minus the dress and on a better bike.

Recently I spoke with a CS rep at our cable provider and mentioned I had just come in from a ride. She was quick to let me know that her Grandmother is still riding her bike at age 86!

mechanicalron 11-07-09 11:36 PM

Yea that rocks! All that and with a huge basket!

dwr1961 11-08-09 05:49 PM

Just awesome... Never quit; just keep going. We should all embrace that philosophy.

gerv 11-08-09 06:31 PM

I'm surprised to read that volunteering is down so much since the recession started. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from this lady. She's certainly an inspiration.

DataJunkie 11-08-09 06:56 PM

As am I. One of the often repeated recommendations for when you are layed off is to volunteer. Keeps your sanity, allows you to network, meet potential mates if you are single, etc.

Anyhow, good for her. :)

jl0703 11-08-09 07:48 PM

I've actually ridden with her on the City to Shore MS bike ride. She is a VERY pleasant person. My team and I have waited at the finnish line just to cheer her on when she comes to the finnish. She is a great inspiration for many cyclist riding the MS City to Shore

rugerben 11-08-09 08:04 PM

My lord. 150 miles on a singe-speed cruiser would be an accomplishment for ME, at 25 Y.O.
Heck, people were shocked when I rode the TdC century ride on a Giant TranSend with 700X32c tires and all. But lemme tell ya, a century on a 30 pound, 24 speed bike is not nearly as huge as what she is doing at 84. I am in awe!!!!

I might have a crush on this lady.

JoeyBike 11-08-09 09:09 PM

1. She was not raised in the USofA. So in her mind, riding a 1-speed bike with a basket dressed in "normal" clothes is the status quo. No costume required.

2. If she rode the MS ride in South Louisiana she would not finish last. Not even close. Lots of overweight sedentary people use the MS ride (and training period leading up to the event) as a good excuse for starting a fitness program. Many SAG in, others tough it out and finish really late.

3. I hope her accomplishments are not viewed as a freak show by non-cyclists. Her act should be a call to arms for all of the dough-boys and dough-girls of America to get (and stay) moving. Be nice if the media put THAT spin on it.

4. I would be ashamed to ask for her autograph. She is way tougher than I am.

Rhodabike 11-08-09 09:25 PM

Many years ago I was on a solo credit card tour down through the Crowsnest Pass area, when I met a woman on a 5 speed all-steel bike with flat bars and rubber block pedals. She'd ridden from Ontario, and was carrying full camping gear. Made me feel like a wimp, with my newish 18 speed touring bike, just riding from one hotel to another.
Just goes to show that you don't really need expensive, complicated gear to get a lot out of cycling. It makes it easier, but it isn't essential. Also shows that if you keep moving your whole life, you don't break down and wither away. I know some people in their 50's who probably couldn't keep up with this octogenarian.

noglider 11-08-09 10:43 PM


Wow wow wow wow wow.


fredgarvin7 11-09-09 12:59 PM

Geeze! What was she like at TWENTY four??? My hat's off to this lady! ,.

no motor? 11-09-09 02:03 PM

Originally Posted by hillikus (Post 9998198)

That's an understatement.

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