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svpatel 08-05-10 08:05 PM

Storing your Suit Jacket? / securing bike lights?

Does anyone have any suggestions for storing a suit jacket on your bike? I know I've seen the panniers but they seem like a pain to load and unload. Has anyone seen a backpack that may hold your suit coat folded up so it doesnt get all wrinkled?

Also, a 2nd question - How do you secure standard bike lights properly? The little slide on thing doesnt work so well, and I've lost lots of bike lights by going over a big bump and having it bounce right off the back.


CbadRider 08-05-10 08:09 PM

Is your light mount tightened sufficiently? I have found that when my light bumps around a lot the mounting screw is loose. When the screw is tightened the light doesn't move.

As for the suit jacket, I have brought business clothes to work in both a pannier and backpack. I roll them up carefully like I would if I were packing them in a suitcase. I hang them up when I get to work and by the time I take my shower, most of the wrinkles are gone.

mondaycurse 08-05-10 08:28 PM

I have one of the Transit garment bags from Performance. It works great, but it does take me an extra 3-4 minutes to unpack once I get to work. Depending on how long your commute is (mine is 3 miles), it could be a great investment or a big inconvenience.

aglauser 08-06-10 06:46 AM

There are things you can get for packing suits in suitcases that are basically just small plastic boards. You fold the suit around the board, and it seems to do a good job of keeping things wrinkle-free. I suppose you could do the same with some cardboard - the board probably just keeps the folds from forming creases.

whatsmyname 08-06-10 09:13 AM

I've never been able to keep stuff unwrinkled in panniers, I am afraid.

Are your lights Cateye? They used to be notorious for poor clip design.

dynaryder 08-06-10 10:02 AM

Any chance you can keep your jackets at work? If there's a cleaners nearby you can rotate them through.

Never had an issue with Cateye or PB light mounts. I've had several friends who had issues with Blackburns though.

svpatel 08-06-10 06:52 PM

Thank you for yoru answers
Somtimes, I have to ride a few miles to the subway, where I can't store my coat.

I use all kinds of lights, not sure the brand.

THanks again.

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