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kekkiumai 08-08-10 01:18 AM

Is this worth $50 and a good commuters bike?
I might be buying this for commuting to work with. About 13 miles I'll put on it each day I do work. So what do you guys think about it? Does it seem worth it to you? And... the ad stated something about "quick release" tires. About how much are they?

zachsilvey 08-08-10 01:29 AM

$50 for a working bike is almost always a good deal.

Torrilin 08-08-10 06:52 AM

The listing has already expired, so I can't look at the actual bike.

It's not quick release tires, it's quick release wheels. On the plus side, you need no tools to remove your wheels. On the minus side, no one else needs tools either. Most modern bikes have quick releases for a pretty wide range of parts, and have since about the mid 1980s, so this isn't a special feature that I'd trumpet in an ad.

If it's 13 miles round trip... pretty much any bike can do that as long as it sorta kinda fits (tho it will be more comfortable on a bike that fits well). If it's 13 miles each way, it might be prudent to learn a bit about bike fitting. 26 miles is long enough that you can have Interesting Medical Issues if the bike is too big or too small or has a saddle that acts as a butt-torture device.

KD5NRH 08-08-10 07:13 AM

Originally Posted by Torrilin (Post 11252575)
It's not quick release tires, it's quick release wheels.

I've had quick release tires before. Don't think it was an intentional feature, though...or much of a feature at all, for that matter.

Torrilin 08-08-10 02:44 PM

Yep. Exploding tires are... not a feature.

kekkiumai 08-08-10 03:05 PM

Sorry the posting expired, darn =/ I even forgot to add the contact! agh....q\

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