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m_yates 09-02-10 09:24 AM

Custom designs on reflective clothing?
I'm wondering if anyone has ever made custom reflective designs on clothes? Does anyone know of a supplier? I'm interested in producing a vest that I can wear year round that has the design below on it in big reflective lettering that can be easily seen by motorists day and night.

xtrajack 09-02-10 09:39 AM

I would like the concept on a vest. You can get a similar design on a jersey, non reflective. If you find a source for them, please let me know.

tsl 09-02-10 10:11 AM prints logos on their stuff, but not reflective ones. But you can have them printed on their re3flective vests, jackets and shirts. Minimum orders are fairly low too.

m_yates 09-02-10 10:13 AM

I'd like a vest so that I can wear it over my coat or jacket as the weather gets colder. Maybe I'll need to make my own somehow. I did see a couple of places that sold nonreflective jerseys with "3 feet" designs.

mtalinm 09-02-10 10:16 AM

try, they do quantities of 1

Seattle Forrest 09-02-10 10:21 AM

If you can make this work, more power to you. It would be pretty awesome to have all sorts of custom reflective shirts or jackets. I'd make one with my name on it! ( Kidding. )

This is a bit of a long shot, but Arc'teryx makes some of the best active clothing available - their jackets are second to none, and their base layers are great, too. They do custom embroidery for reasonable prices. Reflective thread can be had, specifically for embroidery. I don't know if they'd let you send them the thread to use, or direct them on which to buy ... but it's worth a try.

dscheidt 09-02-10 11:26 AM

3M sell a number of heat activated transfer films. The design or text wanted is cut out, and they're put on with a heat press. There's also a plastisol system. Quite a number of local fire departments near me have stuff made with the plastisol transfers. I rather expect that you can find someone local that does them, but there's a non-insignificant setup, so don't be surprised by the minimum order size.

fietsbob 09-02-10 11:33 AM

sew on tape. lettering doesn't have to be solid blocks to get the idea across ,

sew on small pieces of the tape stuff to form the letters.

You probably want a mesh backed vest if you are using the thing in the summer too..

so sewing on fabric reflective tape will be a better method.

chrisb71 09-02-10 12:12 PM

A sewing or crafts supply store will have reflective material. You can sew it on. They even have lace and plenty of other types of materials. How nice it looks will then depend on your cutting and sewing skill. A design like the you have there wouldn't be hard, maybe if you don't have a friend that sews a tailor or dry cleaner that offers tailoring services might do it for a small fee if you cut out the pattern and just give it to them. Wouldn't be waterproof of course. That's the lowtech way

whatsmyname 09-03-10 01:14 AM

... "please" or ":)" ?

m_yates 09-03-10 11:35 AM

Originally Posted by whatsmyname (Post 11403869)
... "please" or ":)" ?

That would be polite. Most days I feel like "3 Feet to the Left Damn It!" would be better.

A few days ago, the passenger side mirror of a car passed within about 1 inch of my handlebars, then came a second car tailgating the first that passed by at about the same distance from me. It is scary.

Booger1 09-03-10 01:14 PM

Have a look at Seattle Fabrics.If you sew or know someone,you can make your own.

GriddleCakes 09-04-10 02:16 AM

Originally Posted by m_yates (Post 11405635)
That would be polite. Most days I feel like "3 Feet to the Left Damn It!" would be better.

If it's confrontational that you're looking for, you could use the wording I recently saw on the back of an orange hoodie worn by a motorcyclist: "Can You See Me Now, A*****e?"

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