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RT 11-14-10 04:08 PM

The Commuting For Trade Thread
The Cyclocross forum has one of these, but aside from the Pay It Forward thread (which I have used), there is no similar thread here in Commuting. I would think a thread like this might be helpful, so hopefully the mods won't take issue with it. There are things that are not for donation, nor are they for sale - just trade.

That being said, can someone please sticky this thread?

I have a set of flat bar 'Bar Mitts' for cold weather riding I'd like to trade for a drop bar set of Bar Mitts.

RT 11-16-10 07:49 AM

So we all have what we need and nothing extra lying around the garage/apartment? Oh well, thought it might be a good idea. Carry on.

ScotteeD 11-16-10 07:53 AM

I think this a good idea. I have a couple of Camelbak packs and a Banjo Bros. mess bag that I no longer use. I am open for any trades.

philski 11-16-10 09:10 AM

Well... I have a Vision recubment over-seat-steering kit (with adjustable handlebars) ... a 6" tube extender (1" diameter) ... 3-speed IGH (from an AMF Roadmaster) currently threaded to a 26" wheel... looking for a solid commuting pannier (used Carradice Bike Bureau? I can dream right?).

jimcross 11-16-10 09:45 PM

I have lots of spare parts, but not sure what I need to trade for. I will certainly keep an eye on this thread for goodies I may not even know that I want or need.

CptjohnC 11-17-10 03:30 PM

I have a 58cm vintage Italian road bike that I'd love to trade for a decent disc brake equipped mountain bike :-)

CCrew 11-17-10 04:28 PM

Ok, I'll throw this out there..

Have a bunch of Niterider lights that I'm looking for a home for. Not really looking for anything particular in trade so humor me. I'd prefer to just ship it all one place, but here's the list:
(1) NiteRider TrailRat 2.0 Headlamp (10w Halogen)
(1) NiteRider Classic Select Headlamp (10w and 15w dual Halogen)
(3) Batteries
(2) Chargers
(2) Handlebar Mounts
(1) Helmet Mount
(1) 36" Extension Cable
(2) Storage cases

Batteries are about a year and a half old, and will still hold 2 hours worth of charge versus the 2.5 they did when they were new. Both systems are 6v. The stuff's worth about $75 on the CL market, if you want a value point for trades.

Andy_K 11-17-10 04:51 PM

I like the idea of this thread, and I would definitely like to see it become sticky. It really should work here better than almost any forum other the C&V. I'm sure most of us have piles of stuff we aren't using that might be useful to other people but aren't worth the time it would take to post a CL ad.

That's just my problem though. Most of the stuff I have is crap, and most of the stuff I want isn't.

no1mad 11-17-10 07:15 PM

I have some Knog panniers like these (the yellowish looking one) that I'm not using. Would like to try mess bags out, but could really use some light(s)- front or rear.

MVclyde 11-17-10 08:36 PM

Great idea for a sticky thread.

ScotteeD 11-18-10 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by no1mad (Post 11803922)
I have some Knog panniers like these (the yellowish looking one) that I'm not using. Would like to try mess bags out, but could really use some light(s)- front or rear.

PM Sent

Milice 11-20-10 09:54 AM

I also would like to see a for trade sticky as well as a for sale section for commuters.
I have a Columbia Messenger bag, some tire liners and wheels I would like to trade or sell. as well as other misc items.

no1mad 11-20-10 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by no1mad (Post 11803922)
I have some Knog panniers like these (the yellowish looking one) that I'm not using. Would like to try mess bags out, but could really use some light(s)- front or rear.

No longer up for grabs. Traded for a mess bag :D

doOde 11-21-10 01:25 AM

oh man, i have nite rider trail rat set x2 + super old cyclops set w/water bottle battery in various states of charge capacity.

also have cat eye el-210 x2 and ld-1000 and black el-450 from around 2005/6

130bcd 38/39 or 40T ring, i forget which

looking for good seat post fender
700c tires
wheelset - mine has cracks and damage
gloves - i lost mine
comfortable waterproofish seat. plastic bags are alright, but the sponge action is no longer acceptable

Andy_K 11-21-10 11:41 PM

I've got a copy of Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, second edition, available. It's got a good bit of grease on some of the pages, but otherwise is in pretty good shape. I find I don't need it much since I got the third edition. Make me an offer.

no1mad 12-04-10 05:16 PM

Bumping this thread.

And mentioning that I have a Knog sling bag (in yellow) that I no longer use since getting my mess bag. Unsure of the actual sizing though, but if you like to travel light and have your bike stripped of a rack, it could work.

Milice 12-04-10 08:54 PM

come on sticky this thread

monsterpile 12-05-10 07:35 AM

I want that 3-speed rear wheel, but I don't have any panniers to trade for it. I should just build my own wheel already. =P

no1mad 04-15-11 05:58 PM

Bumping. The mess bag I received in a trade earlier is back up for grabs. It was an introduction into the mess bag universe, and I have decided that I prefer two straps over one.

Interested in trading for lumbar pack, rear trunk, front and/or rear blinkies, or just about anything...

Andy_K 04-15-11 09:17 PM

I've got the ultimate Frankencrank available. The crank arms are Origin-8 Propulsion. Bolted to it are a 52T ring from an old Shimano 600 crank (slightly worn teeth) and a 38T Salsa ring (no pins or ramps) which is nearly new. It's all 130 BCD. If my calculations are correct, this needs a 113mm bottom bracket.

I've also got a Shimano UN53 square taper bottom bracket. I believe it's 115mm. I picked this up at the Joe's Sports going out of business sale and have never used it.

Interested in trading for cantilever brakes if you have a model I haven't tried. Open to other possibilities.

1nterceptor 04-15-11 09:40 PM

Another request to make this thread a sticky :D

no1mad 04-16-11 07:31 AM

FWIW, the mess bag is a Banjo Brothers (L)- has the laptop sleeve (which I never used), but missing the phone holster.

CbadRider 04-16-11 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by 1nterceptor (Post 12513970)
Another request to make this thread a sticky :D


1nterceptor 04-16-11 11:03 AM


MijnWraak 04-16-11 01:10 PM

Can you put it in the useful thread index instead? :X

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