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tarwheel 12-21-10 09:18 AM

Target "cycling" gear
FWIW, I've had good results from several items of Champion brand base gear sold at Target for very reasonable prices. I've been using their wicking T-shirts for a while, and they usually sell for $10 or less, much less than cycling-specific brands. They have long-sleeve versions with mock-turtle collars for about $15 that are very good for cooler weather. Recently they added some wool-synthetic blend gear that are about 25% wool. I got the long-sleeve top for about $18 and it kept me toasty (under my cycling jacket with no jersey) riding for 2+ hours in 30-degree temps. Target also is selling various fleece caps at $10-20 with reflective markings; the more expensive ones have a hole in the back for pony tails. I got the $10 cap and it fits better than cycling-specific ones from Trek and Head Sweats that I already had.

truman 12-21-10 09:21 AM

I commute in a pair of their Champion golf shorts. Stretchy, good looking, plenty of pockets and quick to dry.

Chris_in_Miami 12-21-10 09:27 AM

Thanks for the tip, I'll have to keep an eye out for the wool blend stuff. I usually struggle through our mild winters with inadequate layers, but last year was an eye opener and it looks like we may be in for another...

hubcap 12-21-10 09:31 AM

I will look for their wool blend stuff. I already have several of their C9 short sleeve and long sleeve tech shirts. Honestly, the long sleeve 1/4 zip shirt I have from them is one of my favorites. I won't compare it to my Smartwool stuff that is 4x more expensive, but it is definitely nice.

tjspiel 12-21-10 09:43 AM

I wear C9 stuff all the time. I didn't realize they had any wool blends though. Thanks for the tip.

rumrunn6 12-21-10 10:16 AM

OK, but don't tell anyone else or they will raise their prices

CACycling 12-21-10 11:33 AM

I have a lot of the Champion stuff for commuting as well. Only complaint I've got is that some of the Ts are shorter than others. Now I know to check length before purchase.

RT 12-21-10 11:49 AM

Liking my $12 fleece balaclava a lot. Used it in 25F temps this morning. The neck isn't too long as I tend to overheat and need the cool draft around my neck.

zoltani 12-21-10 11:50 AM

Got a bell helmet there that was $25 and it's actually really comfortable.

no motor? 12-21-10 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by tjspiel (Post 11963538)
I wear C9 stuff all the time. I didn't realize they had any wool blends though. Thanks for the tip.

+1. I'll have to check it out if the weather ever clears up.

bmclaughlin807 12-21-10 01:28 PM

I love the C9 stuff from Target. Wearing a pair of compression pants under my cargo pants right now. I also use their wind breakers... either as an outer shell when it's chilly, only coat when it's warmer/raining, or a mid layer when it's REALLY cold (like right now)

travelmama 12-21-10 10:22 PM

Target athlete clothing is good if a good fit can be found. Heck, I wore some C9 pieces during an Ironman and was very comfortable.

seenoweevil 12-21-10 10:32 PM

I have several of the C9 shirts myself. I was in Target the other day, and they have some Merino wool sweaters for under $30. Can't remember the % blend though.

johnr783 12-22-10 12:19 AM

I recently bought some "Texting Gloves" from Target. They are half-fingered gloves but with a fold over thumb and mitten covers. When not in use the finger covers tuck into a pocket. It is perfect for work. I no longer have to remove my gloves when handling money.

jfz 12-23-10 07:03 PM

I have a few C9 shirts and just bought a jacket today, their stuff is priced so I can afford several shirts instead of one Under Armor and it is just about as good.

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