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oboeguy 10-13-04 06:50 PM

I miss commuting...
... on the bike. My summer job ended a few weeks ago, so it's back to the grad student life. Now I have to squeeze in rides instead of having them part of my daily routine. <sigh>

brentj 10-13-04 07:06 PM

The daily routine saves my life. If I didn't commute I don't know when I would be able to find time to ride.

seely 10-13-04 08:06 PM

Im in the boat with you Oboe. Its getting frickin' cold here and school/work are eating ALL my time. Sigh.

oboeguy 10-14-04 10:44 AM

Rain today and I have to meet my advisor... so I can't even ride the 3 miles to school. Boooo!

Any other ex-commuters want to stop in and share our misery? :cry:

oaxacarider 10-15-04 07:26 PM

rain its only water you know? people still can ride.

oboeguy 10-16-04 10:39 PM

If I wasn't supposed to meet my advisor I would ride in the rain, sure. Heck, I was rained on today.

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