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kraftwerk 02-12-11 12:04 PM

Kryptonite: Like the locks but HATE the key.
Kryptonite U lock woes....
Like the locks but HATE the key.
The key lasted less than ONE year.
The other two keys are also a bit wonky and on their way out.
These locks are EXPENSIVE, built well designed well and work well except for the key and lock cylinder.

This 'NEW" cheap crap made in China (?) is
causing this once dependable product to have a bad name.
The keys need to be stronger or redesigned, They don't even work that well when brand new they are slow to use and basically unpleasant.

Company will replace the keys once for free. (I don't know if that includes
a full set of three keys.) They must know people have a problem with them.

The original (old0 Kryptonite U locks, had their problems, but the one I have from 1984 still works! Went through three keys total in about 20 yrs of use.
Two of those years as a bike messenger but since
The round "cylinder system" is questionable security I don't use that lock too much.

There are not a lot of alternatives out there but I might go back to a chain and pad lock...
Yesterday my lock would not open as the key was just too worn out ,
so I got stuck 6 miles from home was a major PITA... just venting....
So keep your locks well oiled in winter and replace your keys annually (!) before they wear out.

Aloe 02-12-11 12:58 PM

I would imagine that it's difficult to find a low cost, medium quality material for something such as a key; seems like a corner a company would cut to shave off some production costs.

I haven't had a problem with my kryptonite yet - lock or key - but I did lose one key already.

DX-MAN 02-12-11 04:10 PM

I have an OnGuard U-lock, and the choice of three add-ons -- 9' cable (12mm thick, use it mostly for group rides with the kids), a 3' cable (also 12mm thick), or a Brinks security chain, 3' long (heavy as Big Daddy V!). No key issues at all.

Krypto's reputation has already taken the hit -- when I heard about Fahgettaboutits failing, I was done.

kraftwerk 02-21-11 06:42 PM

How have Fahgettaboutits been failing? Problems with the keys as well?

Anyway, Kryptonite Co, says to have my new keys on the way..

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