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naisme 10-23-04 06:46 PM

Last night was a blast!
I don't know what it is, but I love riding in weather. Well other than wind. More on that in a moment. I commuted yesterday in Seatle type weather, with dreary skies and mistiness in the 60s, so I was wet from the inside out under my rain shirt.
Midnight came and it was time to head out for home, and the rain was drizzly. About ten miles into the ride the rain was coming down in sheets. I pulled up under a highway overpass the bikepath goes under, and this freight train comes out of the night heading the other way, it was an eerie, ominous beast and a lot of noise.
Well, today on the commute I passed through the same site recalling seeing the train, and a little further down, there was a deer carcass crows were feeding off. My guess is, in the rain last night the deer got traped between the train and fence and freaked out, it didn't look badly damaged like a deer hit by a train would look. I was glad today was a cold wet day as well as windy, cause that animal is going to stink, and oofff, I'll avoid that route for a while were it summer.
Okay, so now the wind. Impossible! I kept recalling last year's refrain, "if it doesn't kill me it will make me stronger." I was riding into a head wind of 17-21 MPH, with gusts to 30MPH, absolutely horrific. I suppose on a geared bike such a commute is taken with ease. I don't do anything easily, I was riding my fixie 48x15 into this wind. It was so bad my face is wind burned. Absolutely freakin' crazy, yet I made it to work and got the usual stares and questions, did I ride, how was the wind, and you're crazy. I can't complain though, for I did flip a coin, best 2 out of 3 and the bike won, otherwise I'd have been in my van waisting money and gas.

rykoala 10-23-04 09:59 PM

Dude, you are die hard!!! And to think I've been happy with myself for getting sprinkled on on the way home today! :lol: I found that I too like riding in inclement weather, but I still haven't braved rain as I have no rain gear... yet...

cryogenic 10-23-04 10:56 PM

Thankfully I live in the southeast where we don't get THAT much rain... We get a bit, but it seems to come in spurts. I don't have any rain gear yet and hopefully I won't run into any major rainstorms in the near future, though. I've actually ridden 15 miles in the rain with no rain gear before and was utterly completely drenched from head to toe. Not my idea of fun, but riding in the rain itself was fun. I just hated getting to work being soaked beyond belief. Luckily I had a backpack that could handle the rain and carried a change of clothes.

naisme 10-23-04 11:11 PM

That is one saving grace about my job, the ability to store a couple changes of cloths. I did have one wrinkle this week. They took my rather roomy storage area, where I can hang wet and sweaty stuff from me. So I am making do with a little used staff bathroom.
It seems funny that our company would try and promote healthy stuff (ie: eating right, informative tests on lifestyle, etc) and not provide a place to change or park more than a few bikes. There are several on staff who've stated that if there were a place to change/clean up, and park and lock a bike, they would join me in commuting to work.
Any ideas on getting upper eschelons to listen?

rykoala 10-24-04 10:46 PM

I say get a petition together and have a few of you all sign it, maybe they'll listen.

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