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I_like_cereal 03-08-11 10:12 AM

Strange things found on your commute
So far after 6 months or so of commuting I have found:
A saddle with no rails
various pictures
various grocery store cards
a wallet
a passport
two homeless camps
four empty bottles of Vodka
a car in a ditch

Anything interesting on your commute?

L.L. Zamenhof 03-08-11 10:21 AM

Only thing of note was a decomposing fox.

pallen 03-08-11 10:27 AM

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Several of these tied together by long extension chords - over a mile of them

apparently they are seismic equipment - looking for natural gas

squirtdad 03-08-11 10:53 AM

this thread comes up now and then, with entries from bizarre, to sad, to funny....... I think it is a candidate for sticky...... what say the world

making 03-08-11 10:55 AM

I will see. Hang on.

making 03-08-11 10:56 AM

One year I found several scissors. All different kinds in different areas. I dont think I have seen any since.

pallen 03-08-11 11:02 AM

Oh brass bullet casings - lots of those. Makes me wonder if I should commute in a bullet-proof vest. This is Texas...

MileHighMark 03-08-11 11:15 AM

A pair of women's shoes by the side of a busy road. One of the heels was broken off.

cyccommute 03-08-11 11:18 AM

Just the highlights
  • A kitten... alive and she didn't like being carried in a handlebar bag:eek:
  • A paring knife
  • Several wallets
  • Some luggage:wtf:
  • A rear wheel for a bike
  • All kinds of tools
  • A surprisingly small amount of cash :twitchy::notamused:
  • A bike...returned to the owner who had biffed his head and couldn't remember where he had crashed and stashed the bike

Those are the G rated things. The X-rated things are
  • A blow up doll
  • A guy and a girl doing the wild thing against a tree
  • A guy, with his pants down standing outside, and a girl doing the wild thing in a November:eek:
And, finally, 4 teenagers buck nekid doing the wild thing beside a mountain bike trail. One of the guys yelled "****!" as I bombed around the corner. I look down and said "Looks like.":D

MNBikeguy 03-08-11 11:33 AM

The commute always gets a bit more interesting here during the spring thaw, when old man winter reveals his treasures in the snow banks.
There is a massive assortment of very colorful.... water balloons out past the back parking path of the high school.

colleen c 03-08-11 12:09 PM

Oh the usual, loose change, lost or drop tools from contractor, lost dogs whom outruns me when I tried to chase them down and more. However, the strangest thing I found when I started commuting is my Sanity :eek:

no motor? 03-08-11 12:17 PM

I saw an empty golf bag yesterday. Last year while riding to work on a Saturday morning I ended up going the opposite direction along the MUP as some walkers raising money for breast cancer research. There were some cheerleaders along either side of one part of the path who started chanting something about saving the hooters as I rode past.

making 03-08-11 12:22 PM

Hey, that's weird, I am a big hooter fan too.

BotByte 03-08-11 12:34 PM

$300 flashlight
ipod, broken screen
Old Leather saddle, I'm using it
A seizing father floating down the river
a couple bikes, dumped there for weeks
thorns in tires, screws, rocks, mud, asphalt, dead animals, one dead guy and a bunch of homeless

I_like_cereal 03-08-11 01:01 PM

You see the dead guy thing. That's what I do not want to find.
As to No motor? In my neck of woods we have the save the tatas and the I like boobies movements. The Komen Race for the Cure is all about the tatas.

CliftonGK1 03-08-11 01:26 PM

A Microsoft employee badge. Not so odd, considering where I live; but odd that someone didn't guard it with their life. Seriously, the company is really unappreciative if you lose one of those things.
Lucky for the guy who lost it, my wife works for the company and she interoffice mailed it back to him.

I used to get weirded out seeing little kid's shoes. Then I saw a kid in a grocery cart who kept taking his shoe off and chucking it every time his mom would put it back on; so I imagine that it's fairly common for a kid in a car seat to remove a shoe and fling it out an open window as opposed to whatever grisly scenario I previously imagined.

exile 03-08-11 01:27 PM

I've found a nice pair of gloves I gave to my mother. A winter hat that I washed and use sometimes. A cellphone which I returned to the owner. Some bungee cords that I will use occasionally. But that's about it.

I am hoping to find a bag full of money either dropped by an armored car or from a bank robbery. I can wish, can't I?

making 03-08-11 01:30 PM

Im going to be riding through the woods looking for hooters this year. I never knew.

Chris_in_Miami 03-08-11 02:14 PM

It's hardly strange anymore, but I find lots of pairs of work gloves. I've stopped picking them up after the fourth or fifth pair since I only have two hands...

I found a big antenna and was so pleased with my cleverness at figuring out a way to transport it, that I took a photo:

When I got back up to speed, the ends started whipping around wildly in synch with my pedal cadence, and I realized I was wrong about the whole cleverness thing...

MNBikeguy 03-08-11 02:19 PM

Sorry to be miles off topic, but what kind of tree is that? It's amazing.

making 03-08-11 02:21 PM

thanks for asking, I was wondering myself.

RichardGlover 03-08-11 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by MNBikeguy (Post 12330701)
There is a massive assortment of very colorful.... water balloons out past the back parking path of the high school.

I don't think those are water balloons.

Chris_in_Miami 03-08-11 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by MNBikeguy (Post 12331564)
Sorry to be miles off topic, but what kind of tree is that? It's amazing.

I believe that's a strangler fig or banyon. They drop roots down from their branches which eventually form into trunks far out from the main trunk. I haven't given them much thought because I grew up climbing them, but you're right - they are amazing.

Fizzaly 03-08-11 03:07 PM

I found a prosthetic leg last summer, I wanted to turn it in to the police but it creeped me out so I left it. The leg itself didn't creep me out just the fact that is was half buried in dirt and leaves right on the edge of the river almost looked like a person buried.

making 03-08-11 03:15 PM

How do you know there wasnt?

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