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mplsdog 10-24-04 07:46 PM

Winter Shoes

I have been trying to figure out how I am going to keep my feet warm this winter in Minnesota. I have been looking at various types of shoes and what I've found is that most bike shoes are made to be light weight thus a poorly insulated shoe. I realized that if I could get a little bit of a larger shoe I could double up on wool socks and with some booties I would probably be okay. I finally decided to order a pair of Shimano BMX shoes, they look somewhat like sneakers but I think they will suit me better in the winter here.

My question is to those that ride in the snow (or more often than not, slush and ice). Should I skip SPD all together and just use a cage, it seems that when its slippery I might want to be able to get my feet down as soon as possible, or will SPD be a better option because I won't slip off pedals. This will be my first full winter of commuting. Although I'll be in Australia for a month in January, and I'll be bringing my cross bike with me, woot!

Any suggestions would be great.

Bekologist 10-24-04 08:44 PM

Hey, Mnpsdog- I spent years cycling in the winter Northeast of there (UP) and recommend- ditch the SPD or ideas of wearing cycling footwear. Get some big beartraps without toeclips, or try toeclips, but just cycle in whatever footwear works. I'd cycle in anything from Bean Boots to sorels (heavy), or waterproofed hiking boots, or work boots, or tennis shoes with wool socks, or Air Force mukluks. I think I liked the mukluks the best. When it was blowing snow and five below, warm feet were more important that cycling "correctness" - toeclips w/o the straps let you use bigger footwear easier. Hope this helps.

steveknight 10-24-04 08:47 PM

we don't get as cold here but we get a lot of rain'2969-40'
I found them as low as 159.00 but since I need to walk alot in my shoes I have nto got them yet.

Juha 10-25-04 02:08 AM

Also go see Winter Cycling -forum, there are many threads on winter footware there.


bac 10-25-04 01:48 PM

If you decide to go clipless, these pups are fantastic. They will set you back a few clams, but they are well worth it for me:

Tree Trunk 10-25-04 02:18 PM

Ditto Bekologist's post. I ditch the SPDs and go with standard pedals during the winter. Currently, I wear a pair of high top Merrell cross training running shoes. They have Goretex and are great.

iceratt 10-27-04 01:34 AM

I think that what you can get away with depends on your commute distance. I'm ok with smartwool socks in my old rockport shoes and using toe clips with the straps looser than in the other seasons. I ride 6.5 miles each way, to and from work. I must confess that I'm a wimp, though, and drive when it's -0F. Maybe I just need big honkin boots!

Whereas footwear is very important, you'll find that legs, hands, and face, are all more vulnerable with the 10 to 30 mph wind that you create. Then there's always the overheating, that must be concidered.

You might want to read a years worth of winter cycling posts, from us other wimps and nonwimps who you'll see on the frozen plain this coming January.

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