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digs 10-29-04 10:31 AM

fenders won't fit?
I got some planetbike freddy fenders (touring/hybrid size)... and it doesn't seem that they'll fit my road bike =/ (the LBS guy thought they would)

... is that normal?

MichaelW 10-29-04 10:36 AM

Why dont they fit? Are they too wide, is the clearance between tyre and brake or frame too tight?

digs 10-29-04 11:05 AM

too wide...

supcom 10-29-04 11:10 AM

Most road bikes have racing geometries and have too little fork and stay clearance to accept fenders. We are all racers after all. Right?

vtjim 10-29-04 11:22 AM

I had the same problem, actually. SKS Adventure fenders on a Peugeot Avoriaz. It just wasn't going to happen.

I was going to return them to the LBS but I decided I'd try mounting them on my old MTB in the near future.

digs 10-29-04 12:17 PM

eh... so I called the bike shop...

he said "we have some people grind them down... because they're aluminum... you might consider that, or we can take them back, but we charge a 10% restocking fee"

... they're not aluminum, they're a polycarbonate material...

but I really do want some fenders... would it be unwise to try to trim these to fit? (freddy fenders)

Seeker 10-29-04 12:24 PM

I would but then I'm always looking for an excuse to use my Dremel tools, lol.
Hmmmm, maybe my computer could use one of those cut out panels in the shape of ....
Tux the Linux Penguin!

digs 10-29-04 12:25 PM

lol, exactly what I was thinking

digs 10-29-04 12:35 PM

er... now that I look like it... it really seems like it would do a number on the structural integrity of the fenders... they only attach in one spot in the rear... and rely mainly on the geometry of the edges for support

Seeker 10-29-04 01:11 PM

Uh then I wouldn't. Then again I would have likely scrounged up a pair of old steel fenders somewhere and made what ever modifications needed. I ride old steel frame bikes anyway so it would have been appropriate for me. Your milage may vary.

My last dremel experiment was to cut 5" off both sides of an old alloy drop handlebar I had, and mounted it upside down on my '80's Fuji. Covered the bars with black foam bar covers and popped in some hole covers from Home Despot in the ends. Pretty sweet looking, with lots of hand positions. Next project will be to put on fenders (I'm converting this old roadie into a commuter).

max-a-mill 10-29-04 01:15 PM

Originally Posted by digs
they only attach in one spot in the rear


madhouse 10-29-04 06:31 PM

I just mounted the same fenders on my Royale. The front fender I cut off even with the mounting clip because I didn't have enough clearance for the front tire. I ended up tapping threads in the fork at the head because the bolt they sent wasn’t long enough to reach all the way through the crown of the fork and I didn’t have anything in my shop that would work. I intend on pop riveting a bracket on the remaining portion to extend the fender out the front.

On the rear fender I need to Dremel out the side of the fenders where they pass through the seat stays to gain a little more clearance.

These fenders seemed very cross functional… if you have the tools and hardware to make it work for your situation. They could have put more clips, bolts, etc. in the kit. If structural weakness is a problem zip-ties can do wonders!

RonH 10-29-04 06:38 PM

I had the same problem (fenders don't fit between the fork and no clearance between fork and tire) so got some SKS RaceBlades. They attach to the fork and seat stays with zip ties. They work great. The roads were wet this morning and the front fender kept the spray off me and my shoes. :)

ollo_ollo 10-29-04 07:02 PM

Those fenders come in a narrower version than the Touring/Hybrid size, seems like the bike shop should take back yours in exchange for a set of the narrow fenders.

MichaelW 10-30-04 03:30 AM

SKS do full length fenders is thinner sizes, suitable for 25-28mm tyres.

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