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roashru 07-07-12 05:11 PM

last time i grease packed my denali crank i wrote down the marking

Bottom Bracket Type 3L 32.0 x 52 x 32.0 x 116

Ryan k 07-21-12 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by borobike (Post 14127726)
Hey monsterpile,

Thanks for the updates on your Denali! Sounds a lot like my reactions to mine when I first got it, especially the brakes. I found that Kool-Stop pads helped a lot, and dual pivot calipers helped even more. If it were me,

Anyway, as you may know, the stock front Denali wheel isn't quick release, so I have to unbolt it and bolt it back on every time I load it and unload it. Again, not a huge deal in itself, but over time this wrenching began to loosen the retaining nuts for the wheel bearings...

All the while I'm still dealing with spoke pings. Pretty frustrating.

Well, this past Wednesday, I do another retensioning, and ride out to meet the local group for the Wednesday night ride. Early in the ride there are no pings, and all seems well. But a few miles in, I start hearing pings that grow progressively worse, becoming loud exasperating creaks and pops that make my bike sound like it's about to break a spoke, and I'm feeling each noise through the handlebars. I assume it's more spoke problems, and halfway through the ride I split off and limp home. Even quitting early, the ride still ended up being 20 miles long.

Got the bike home and was pretty mad at it, til I discovered the wheel bearings were pretty loose. Tightened them up, checked spoke tension again, and rode again the next day only to find more pings. Pretty well lost at this point because I don't get how the spokes could still have uneven tension. Take the bike home, flip it over, and spin the front wheel...and it starts pinging. Definitely not a load induced ping, rather it seems to be coming from the front wheel bearing.

Took it apart, found lots of shiny specs and metal flakes in the grease, and the bearings were pitted and rough. Definitely trashed, no doubt from riding on them when the bearings were loose. I was afraid my races were going to be too which would mean new wheel (no sense in repairing the stock one, not cost effective) but after cleaning I found they were okay.

Put all new bearings and grease in, and while I was in there I took the time to convert the front wheel to quick release. Was an incredibly simple procedure.

Made sure to include the Vitesse logo to show it can be done.

So, as it turns out the past few days of wheel tensioning were pretty much unecessary, as it was the bearings making the noise...but it's nice to know that everything's fixed and that a mistake on my part didn't become expensive.

What did items did you buy to make the og hub a quick release?

monsterpile 07-22-12 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by DenaliRider (Post 14451826)
I had tried adjusting everything myself but didn't have much luck. A couple guys I work with that are big into cycling tried to adjust so I could shift gears but same problems with my shifting gears. I actually took it back to walmart and was going to get my money back or exchange it for another brand. The guy at walmart said the guy that assembled the bicycles would look at it for me if I had the bike there before he went to lunch. I brought it in and he spent a few minutes working on it and told me to try it out in the parking lot. He had it shifting perfectly! Good guys at my local Walmart!

Yours may have actually been assembled correctly then. Thats a big positive.

jhammons10 08-07-12 12:23 AM

Awesome thread. I havent been able to read through all of it as I only found it tonight but have recently bought a GNC Denali as well after much debate. I will be going through in the next few days to read through the whole thread but its good to see that this bike has served you well. I hope to start commuting to work on mine and get into longer rides much like yourself. I hope I have as positive an experience as you have had.

I do have one question, with commuting for me I leave at dawn, and I'm having trouble mounting my headlight. Several people have mentioned doing some custom fitting to get their headlight to fit properly on the handlebars. Do any of the fellow Denali diehards have any tips or remember how they did yours.

Denali dude 01-01-14 10:24 PM

It depends on the type of clamp used by the light. I had a REAL hard time with my headlight (Zefal) at first. Then i went back and with some effort i got it to actually clamp over the thick metal tube next to the shifter which saved me some bar real estate for my hands. But i think i got lucky and YMMV.

NormanF 05-16-14 06:37 PM

You can install a mountain bike triple crankset on a road bike. "Road bike and "mountain bike" group sets are marketing terms and all the parts are interchangeable.

In hilly areas, a triple crankset combined with a megarange freewheel would give you a granny gear and ultra low gearing. I've done it and its a good long term investment.

NormanF 05-16-14 06:48 PM

I would not be surprised if your Sovereign is made by Steyr of Austria. They did make some decent bikes back in the day for Sears and they are the rare vintage department store bikes that are collectible. Nice find! I like it better than the Denali simply because of its classic design and construction.

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