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How was the commute today?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

How was the commute today?

Old 04-16-08, 02:10 PM
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It was great. 65 degrees and extremely light winds in Cleveland Ohio. I own a heavy Raleigh Sojourn and with such light winds i felt like i was flying.
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Old 04-16-08, 04:21 PM
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Today was one of those days when I wished I had a horn. I have a bell, but I wanted a car horn. A nice, loud, deep horn. As I rode home, a sloooow moving livery cab got in my way, forcing me to slow way down. True, traffic in front of him was moving slow around the illegally double parked car he was going around, but still, he slowed me down and my first instinct was to honk the horn to get him to hustle out of my way. An Air Zounds would probably just confused him.

Signs of spring: saw commuters on rollerblades, push scooters, skateboards, bikes and one on a trike powered by a motorcycle engine with a wide car tire in the rear and two thinner motorcycle tires up front. Looked cool, but i couldn't look too long, he was moving too slow.
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Old 04-16-08, 04:59 PM
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Glad my day ends at 2:30. Hit the road for the 12 miles home. Catch about 5 minutes of snow mid way through and arrive home about 3:50. Now one hour later there's an inch of snow on the ground.
Really glad for an early day.
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Old 04-16-08, 05:00 PM
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The weather was way too nice, tons of people clogging up the MUP.
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Old 04-16-08, 05:08 PM
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Beautiful here. My first "long" ride in a very long time. 5 miles in, 5 out. Great ride. although coming back was noticeable longer. Need to get in better shape.
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Old 04-16-08, 06:13 PM
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My commute is about 10km each way, downhill in, uphill back. I use a mix of streets with dedicated bike shoulders, and regular roads with not much room for bikes but they're fast so I just get in there and go. I am moving house at the end of the month and will try a new route, down the Don Valley on the MUP almost the entire way to work, should be a nice change from the traffic.

The weather has been awesome this week. Coolish temps and warm sun. I like it better than the middle of summer for commuting, the sweat factor going into work is not as bad. Which is good because we have no shower or good change area at the office! I can't stand that, but that's the price you have to pay to enjoy your commute.

Odds and ends:
- I have not taken the subway once this month, woohoo! Was doing it out of sheer necessity with the snow we had in Toronto. No more elbows, delayed trains and cranky people
- I got my fall of the year out of the way (I hope) last week. Was swinging my leg over to dismount while moving, hit ice and went down on hands and knees onto my bike. Bent chainring with my knee, did not feel good!
- Flying down a narrow shoulder past gridlocked cars, while fun, still has it's hazards, as shown when I nearly ended up on the hood of a car going left through a gap across my path. Learning to slow it down a little around cars, you just never know.
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Old 04-16-08, 09:35 PM
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The ride in was dark and quiet and beautiful. I love riding to work in the morning before the sun comes up.

Unfortunately, the ride home was cancelled due to snow. The roads were slick, and I finally decided not to push it. One of my coworkers gave me (and my bike!) a ride home.
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Old 04-17-08, 05:18 AM
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37F/~3C and calm. With forcast highs in the mid-70s for this afternoon, I stubbornly wore shorts this morning. A little chilly at first, but warmed up nicely.
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Old 04-17-08, 06:33 AM
Belt drive!
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Great ride this morning. Low 40s, sunny, light headwind. I wore a long-sleeved poly top under a Canadiens t-shirt.

And yeah, the New Year's Resolutionaries are out in force now that it's getting warmer. Happens every spring... They'll go back to couch surfing and bon bons soon enough.
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Old 04-17-08, 07:10 AM
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another great morning for being on the bike
felt relaxed on the ride in, on my way home last night it seemed that everyone was out to get me, seems as the weather warms up a bit people start driving worse than they were before when the streets were bordered with snow

looking forward to the ride home, thinking about doing some short rides on my lunch break just to break up the day and get some fresh air

i am off from work next week so any rides i take will be just to wander or run an errand so that will be nice

i hate to say it but i think the singlespeed is going to the basement for a while
Old 04-17-08, 07:19 AM
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Another chilly morning in NC, but it's supposed to hit the mid-70s F this afternoon. Spring is definitely here. My commute route is normally very boring through the suburbs, but everything is colorful now with the dogwoods, azaleas, tulips and other flowers blooming. The only downside is the pollen, which has caused to me have a sore throat for weeks. Drank a milkshake last night and it was the first time in 3 weeks that my throat didn't hurt. I might have to make temporary routine out of that.
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Old 04-17-08, 07:35 AM
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Yet another great morning to ride in here, temps a little warmer in the low 40s. Saw something interesting this morning I have never seen before. While riding on a back road, I saw a mouse scurrying across the road screaming while a hawk/bird came swooping down trying to get it. The bird tried twice to get the mouse in its claws but did not succeed and was scared away by me since I was getting too close. I am looking forward to the afternoon ride home, temps in the low 70s.
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Old 04-17-08, 07:42 AM
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It was a very nice ride home yesterday, I took a different route with some steeper climbing but lest total feet of climbing (same elevation change, just all at once). It was 3 miles shorter and much nicer over all. It will be my standard route.

Today is my first back-to-back commute day. The ride in was excellent. The temps were in the mid to upper 40's, a good 12-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. I did have to loop around town a little to avoid a train parked at my standard crossing point. It added a 1/2 mile so no big deal.
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Old 04-17-08, 08:45 AM
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A balmy +4C for the ride in! No balaclava, no mittens, no leg warmers, no winter shoes! Wheeeeeee!

It's going to snow this weekend...
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Old 04-17-08, 09:19 AM
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Yesterday was really nice, apart from the headwind on the way in! I installed my new cyclometer and was very pleased to see I can cruise at 35 kph - mind you, that WAS on the way home, with a tailwind

I have a scratchy throat and cottony ears today so am debating whether to ride - not sure if it'll unclog the pipes, or make things worse. Lungs are clear so far. There's a HORRIBLE cold going around and I'm a little surprised it's taken this long to get to me.
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Old 04-17-08, 10:14 AM
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nice ride, I am definitely speeding up with the weather. Allergies are kicking in, natch.
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Old 04-17-08, 10:15 AM
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First commute of the year!! It was GREAT. I only got yelled at one time by some guy in a big SUV. I think he said "Get off the road.." Well it is my road too. When I got to work there was a large Trek bike in the place I hide my bike. So, maybe this commuting thing may catch on.
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Old 04-17-08, 10:56 AM
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The ride home last night was warm (66F) but it was headwind all the way. Took some of the fun out, but not much. The ride in this morning was great. I moved my seat forward about 1/2" (ReBike) and that allowed me to use one gear higher most of the way. Temp was 51F and no wind. Looking forward to the ride home tonight.
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Old 04-17-08, 11:15 AM
I don't know.
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perfect sunny, hilly 40 mile ride into work this morning (Storrs to Meriden, CT via route 66). After riding out there last night my legs were a little heavy, but it only took me 15 mins longer on the return trip. 80 miles in 26 hours, I'm done for the week! lol
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Old 04-17-08, 11:58 AM
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Beautiful weather today, mid-40s and almost no wind. Going home wil be even nicer - almost 60 F.
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Old 04-17-08, 12:35 PM
commuting Canuck
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Originally Posted by pinkrobe
A balmy +4C for the ride in! No balaclava, no mittens, no leg warmers, no winter shoes! Wheeeeeee!

It's going to snow this weekend...
Yeah, that sucks. Kind of ruins my "I just got a new bike!!!" mood.
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Old 04-17-08, 01:31 PM
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Had a great ride to work today - great weather here in San Francisco, Ca.

70 and sunny - hardly any wind and the motorists respected the cyclists.

My commute to and from work is roughly 9 miles - Mostly downhill on the way in and some steep climbs on the way home.
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Old 04-17-08, 01:47 PM
ride fast
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Not the best. Got my first "cycling" ticket this morning.

Residential street, no cars in sign. I get to a 4-way stop... I slow, then roll through the stop sign. Lights flash and a motorcycle cop decides to ticket me. Seriously...

This is the morning after two crazy women walk out in front of me last night when I was on my way home from work. After almost walking out in front of a car, she then walks out in front of me. I stop to avoid slamming into her and she goes on and on about me almost hitting her... and I said something to the effect of, "don't you look for traffic when you cross the street?" Both incidents happened on 17th street. I think I'm going to avoid that one for a while...
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Old 04-17-08, 04:30 PM
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yesterdays commute was uneventful but nice temps

no commute in this morning due to appointment, but brought my bike in the van and the wife dropped me off. I'll be heading home tonight around 10pm - always look forward to night rides!
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Old 04-17-08, 06:19 PM
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Great. Saw lots of other commuters, and the drivers have started to share the roads again: yielding right of way, passing with enough space between us, rolling down their windows to share music as we wait for the lights to change.
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