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How was the commute today?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

How was the commute today?

Old 05-22-08, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by HardyWeinberg
Well, at least you weren't shot. Is the gash in the sidewall or the tread?
Also brutal headwinds here, which turn into an ironic brutal tailwind for the last half mile of going home at night, I need to brake all that last leg (daughter in trailer is fantastic sail) so I don't roll over/through 6 yr old on his bike. I don't know why I don't get that same tailwind in the am. I was going to run an errand at lunchtime today, right around when that wind picks up. May be tough sledding getting there, but coming back should be a snap.
A little of both: it's diagonal across the curve.

I think we're getting different ends of the same weather system. Our wind is from the north, which is contra-flow for this time of year.
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Old 05-22-08, 10:23 AM
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Myself and a few friends of mine maintain a blog about commuting and riding in general.
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Old 05-22-08, 12:04 PM
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The weather has been so ideal here in NC that I haven't had much to report lately. I did see another bike commuter -- and a chick at that -- yesterday, which is a rarity on my route. I should have slowed down to talk but we were going up a rather short, steep hill and I wanted to keep my momentum up.

The city is repaving one of the roads on my route and they ground up the surface of the road, so it's like riding on one of those bridges with steel gratings. Very sketchy at best. I would take another route but there are no good alternatives to this road, so I'll just have to gut it out and hope I don't take a spill.

Another curious observation. I rode with my friends after work last week, which is something I have rarely done since I started bike commuting. Our regular Wednesday route is on the outskirts of town on roads that previously were very lightly traveled. Anyway, I began to realize during the ride that I feel safer on my commuter route than the group ride because traffic has gotten so much heavier in that area over the past few years with new developments in the area. Kind of ironic because one of the things that kept me from commuting over the years was my concerns about riding in traffic, but I now think my commuting route is safer than many of the recreational routes I've ridden for years.
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Old 05-22-08, 02:57 PM
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It started raining hard. Record setting. Excellent.

A wacky week.
Record breaking high temps of 110F Monday and Tuesday
39, 46 & 49mph recorded gusts during my ride home Wednesday (I pass right by the weather station)
Near record low highs tomorrow (70F is the record low high, tomorrow is forecast to be high of 70F)
Record rainfall today/tomorrow (Since 1895 it has only rained once on May 22rd with 0.1" recorded) today 1-2" is expected, the average rainfall for all of May is 0.21", for June 0.07")

I prepared for the rain and re-installed by HID headlight.

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Old 05-22-08, 03:26 PM
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I had such a rough ride yesterday. Got caught in headwind when going home at 20:30 in the evening and I honestly didn't feel there was any easy part of the ride. I am taking it easy today hope it was just down to me lacking energy as it was my 5th day biking in a row.
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Old 05-22-08, 04:36 PM
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Beat the bus!

The bus I take when not cycling has a longer route and more stop lights. I usually pedal more leisurely, but today I saw the bus setting out at the same time as me so I pushed myself. I met him again and got in front when the last stoplight of the ride turned red against him. Now I have a new daily challenge...
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Old 05-22-08, 04:40 PM
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serious headwind coming in this afternoon - real rough ride - I was pooped!
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Old 05-22-08, 05:03 PM
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My commute was ok
Giving Haircuts Over The Phone
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Old 05-22-08, 06:09 PM
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Well, I did a "Bike to School Day" for some of my middle schoolers today. We had 21 kids show up, mostly 6th graders, the dean of students, three teachers, myself, a state trooper to take sweep and a fire truck to lead the way. We did a 2.7 run and the kids loved it. Such a blast.

I'll bet a third showed up with almost no air in thier tires. (We had pumps.) Point being that I don't think they are getting ridden that much.

But I have to tell you it was cold!! Maybe 40 degrees I'm not sure. And my office at school was not heated, so I never did warm up.

It was great getting the kids out. Particularly with gas prices being what they are, maybe it will inspire thier parents to get out and ride and maybe talk to the town planners about making the roads a little more bike friendly for commuters. Took lots of pictures, had lots of laughs, just a great time.
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Old 05-22-08, 06:31 PM
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Morning was lame: I got spit at by a guy riding shotgun in a panel truck. It didn't land on me, but it bummed me out for the rest of the ride.

Coming home was good, though. Later than usual, so lighter traffic, and I had a bottle of Sunshine wheat beer from New Belgium waiting for me. That's happiness.
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Old 05-22-08, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by dalmore
When you find out what happened, post an update. And Yea, Here's hoping you never see that again.
The obituary was in the paper today...natural causes at 57 (If I remember correctly).

No commute to work tomorrow because I decided to make it a 4-day weekend. I have some errands to do though, so I'll definitely get some pedaling in

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Old 05-22-08, 07:47 PM
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Morning commute was pleasant. Not much wind, no fights with motarists, a few drops of rain (lucky !!!).

Evening commute was very windy. Took the train and cut off 6 miles of thee 16. Still it was pretty brutal wind.
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Old 05-22-08, 08:27 PM
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Cold and crisp - about 11C and sunny.

Great riding weather, once you warm up.

I also did my community service today - I took some surface spray and a cloth up to the shower with me (there's one shower for the whole 16 floor building) and cleaned it whilst I was in there (the building owners refuse to clean it). This also meant that I ended up cleaning myself with lemon-scented surface spray. Oh well. I suppose it got the grease off!
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Old 05-22-08, 09:57 PM
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I rode well in the morning. It was my first commute to a new office downtown. There are connecting MUP and offroad trails and it's a fun and beautiful ride. But storms have washed out some sections and construction has rerouted others. It can get a little confusing in the places where the trails cross and connect, at least for a no-sense-of-direction human such as myself.


I missed a turn on the way home and rode the wrong trail for a few miles. Too hot for that. Had to retrace, then make the turn, which basically put me at the beginning of my ride, but 5 or so miles into it. I think I did 13 or 14 on the way home.

Bad news: I'm an idiot and should have known better.
Good news: How often do I get to ride 14 miles after work, on a new bike at that?

When I got home I was thinking I'd skip tomorrow, but maybe I'll call it a recovery ride instead.
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Old 05-23-08, 06:25 AM
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Overslept this AM, and left home ~30 minutes late. It was still early though so traffic, although somewhat heavier than I'm accustomed to, was still pretty light. Scared up a deer near Lake Crabtree.
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Old 05-23-08, 06:38 AM
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Great ride today. Didn't get much-needed sleep last night, so I left it in the small ring
for the most part and lurched my way in. Slow and steady wins the race.
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Old 05-23-08, 06:53 AM
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Mid 70s, extra low traffic...I love that. Nice ride.

Now I'm looking forward to the long weekend when I can take long rides with no destination in mind...
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Old 05-23-08, 07:02 AM
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The city is still repaving one of the main streets on my route, so I searched around and found some alternative roads to avoid the construction. I don't know why it is taking them so long, but it has been an irritation all week long. They ground off the top layer of asphalt leaving parralel grooves in the pavement that makes it feel like you are riding on ice. Plus there is a bunch of dust that gets kicked up by passing traffic. So I tried some other streets and managed to avoid the mess this morning, and it was actually kind of nice riding on some different roads for a change.
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Old 05-23-08, 07:17 AM
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Nice morning commute. A tad cool but pleasant.

My salsa build is just about complete. I had my LBS cut the steerer and transfer the cog and freewheel to the new wheel. I discovered that having a right arm that is still recovering from a break makes things a bit difficult. Just need to add a brake and chain and I should be ready. Just in time for my 1000 mile month in June.
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Old 05-23-08, 07:20 AM
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I got the "I thought you were a delivery person" from someone at one of the other companies in my building this morning when I came in at 9. No disrespect to couriers, but I bike to work at least 4 days a week, and I've been working in this (small) building for over 2 years now. I know this woman has seen me on my bike on multiple occasions, so I'm not sure whether it was meant as an insult or just another case of people not noticing bikes around them...
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Old 05-23-08, 07:45 AM
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Wow - wind last night kicked me in the teeth for the first 7 miles. 25 MPH sustained, with gusts to 40 MPH, and generally right in my face. At one point (must have been one of those gusts) I honestly felt like I was going nowhere. Fun thing is I was able to just laugh it off. I knew what I was getting into when I left the office, and had resolved to just pedal - ignore speed and time and everything else and just pedal. It worked well - I got home tired, absolutely dripping wet (it was almost 90*f when I started out). And for about a mile towards the end, that wind was squarely from the back - I couldn't have stopped if I tried...

This morning, wind was still there, but had shifted a bit to the east, so it kicked me in the teeth again - not quite as hard or direct, but enough to make me work pretty good for the first half of the ride. Made decent time anyway, and I feel great. Quads have been sore the last couple days, but that good kinda sore that reminds you you're working them... When I get home tonight I'll have banged out 3 of 4 commutes this week (my goal is 3 of 5 each week, so that's good) and 110 total miles this week (goal is to average 100 / week through the summer.) Feels pretty good...

Those in the US celebrating Memorial Day, have a great long weekend!
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Old 05-23-08, 07:57 AM
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Today was good, cut 12 minutes off the commute and 2.71 miles off by taking a new route. Couple days ago was bad, panniers fell off & got thrown into the left side of the rear wheel, bent the rack.
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Old 05-23-08, 08:00 AM
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Working from home today ! Miss my ride
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Old 05-23-08, 08:11 AM
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Great weather, felt fast, made pretty good time on my 11.5mi trip. First trip with the new Axiom Seymour panniers...so far, I really don't like them. The elastic on the bottom clip is too long and they slip forward a lot. Also, when you lean the bike to turn, they slam back onto the rack and throw the balance off for a second. Looks like they'll be going back.
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Old 05-23-08, 08:15 AM
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Great end of the week ride, my legs felt a bit tired I think due to running last night. Did a loop around the building to just sort of cool down a bit.
Doing a longer ride tomorrow, hoping to get in 30 miles or so on the fixie.

Long weekends rule!

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