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1nterceptor 02-02-12 02:56 PM

The man who lived on his bike
Why just commute on your bike, this guy lives on his :)

giantcfr1 02-02-12 06:46 PM

Is there a link missing?

erg79 02-02-12 06:50 PM

There's an embedded video...might not be showing up on your browser.


buzzman 02-02-12 09:34 PM

Fantastic. Love it. Thanks!

gerv 02-02-12 09:46 PM

Yes... I figured that was Montreal. Great video... nice special effects. Liked the music too. Who was the stunt man?

SlimRider 02-02-12 10:02 PM

At first, it was funny. Then, I began to think about the economy and all of the homeless people with bicycles.

Then I thought about the economy again.

One day, it could be all of us...

alexaschwanden 02-02-12 10:18 PM

Great video! biking like a boss!!!

zul448 02-02-12 11:10 PM

Great vid!

fizbiz 02-03-12 04:09 PM

That was brilliant. Such a simple well executed. Great choice of music.

nashcommguy 02-04-12 11:33 AM

Nice vid. Very original and funny. If one wants to get an idea what it's like for someone who really lives on his bike go to This guys been on tour since 2002.

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