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Axiom 02-06-12 06:46 PM

Commute help
Because I have a new schedule, I have to commute to class 1-3 times a week, which isn't a problem. The problem is staying clean and smelling fresh when I get there because I live in Florida, I am a Clyde, and despite how easy the commute is for me, I sweat a LOT.

I am a very clean person and I want to stay clean and smell good even after getting there. I don't have access to a shower, so I am wondering what the best type of body spray would be. I prefer something that smells fresh and sporty, but lasts and doesn't smell cheap. And if there are wipes that I could use that don't smell feminine, or like something you would use on a baby, that would be awesome.

Any tips are welcome!

no1mad 02-06-12 08:50 PM

1. Shower with antibacterial soap before your commute.
2. Wear wool and avoid cotton.

gerv 02-06-12 09:15 PM

^ The above + Get a little bird bath in a sink, then apply deodorant.
But before any of this, make sure you cool down.

nashvillwill 02-06-12 10:07 PM

Baby powder! Before and after. Use it liberally. Seriously, it helps. The medicated stuff is great (gold bond, Dr. Schols), but baby powder is 1/2 price and works pretty much the same. Also, use a good fragrance free deodorant.

Personally, I try to avoid fragrances. You don't want to smell, you just don't want to BE smelled. Anti-persperant (absorption) is the first step. Feet. Pits. Cr0tch. Anywhere else you sweat. Really, try it.

frpax 02-06-12 10:20 PM

According to the commercials, AXE spray drives the women nuts.

I live in Arizona, and have a similar problem (heat, but not the humidity you have).
1. I ride easy IN to work. No need for me to try to get my workout GOING to work. I ride fast and hard going home, though.
2. I immediately go into the bathroom and sponge off with cool water.
3. I liberally use some deodorant.

nkfrench 02-06-12 11:24 PM

Riding slow/easy to avoid sweating was never an option for me either.
It's not just sweat either - it's salt, dead bugs, road splat, dust/dirt that feels sticky and gritty like sandpaper when dry.

I have had excellent results with bird-bath cleanups in a restroom. It was made MUCH easier since I could stash a clean-up kit at my desk which was about 50' away from the bathroom; and I could hang up soggy stuff to dry.
Rest in the shade and drink water until you quit sweating.
Brought minimal toiletries in small (refilled) travel-size containers.
Sink shampoo - cold water on your neck cools you off quickly and feels wonderful on a sweaty ride
Use plain clear dial anti-bacterial liquid hand soap - just a LITTLE bit on a wet washrag. Scrub down EVERYWHERE (handicap stall gives you manuevering room/privacy)
Then use a 2nd wet washrag to wipe down with (removes most soap residue)
Towel off with travel-thickness microfiber towel
Wipe between toes with alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel
Apply antiperspirant and put on clean clothes, finger-comb hair.
Clean up the area so nobody complains ! That includes any hair in the sink or splashes.

MichaelW 02-07-12 03:33 AM

The merino base layer you need is superfine grade, pure wool, not a polyester mix. Bacteria can't get a grip on the wool fibres.
Use the last 1/4 mile as a cooldown. Splash some water over your head and jersey for evaporative cooling.
I would be careful about using soap without a good rinse.

MK313 02-07-12 09:38 AM

When I get to work, I wash down in the sink, then wipe down with paper towels. I then spray myself with Rocket Shower, then I pt on deodorant, change clothes and go. The biggest thing is starting clean, taking a shower before you leave (or last thing the night before).

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