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nashvillwill 02-27-12 12:03 AM

Suggestions IGH and dyno?
Looking for a "effort free" commuter for my wife..

1. Internal gear hub.
2. Dyno hub for lights.
3. Preferably women's frame (but men's would be fine)
4. Preferably under $700 (used would be great)

Any suggestions? Anything common within this profile that pops up on craigslist occasionally?

Similar to this...

fuzz2050 02-27-12 12:34 AM

Maybe a Breezer Uptown 3?

no1mad 02-27-12 01:01 AM

Are either you or your wife confident enough to pick something out by just looking at the specs or will a test ride be mandatory? If your willing to gamble without trying first, check out BD's town bike collection. The base Windsor Oxford can be had for $300, add the rack of your choice, then you just have to add the dyno and light. Longleaf can make a budget package of a Sanyo hub laced into a wheel, front light*, and rear light for under $200. You could also see what Peter could do for you; plus he has beam shots of just about every light that he offers, which might help you figure out how much light she'll be happy with.

*It's a halogen main bulb with LED standlight, and he makes it plain that most people use this light as a "toe in the water" approach to dyno lighting until they can afford to upgrade.

mconlonx 02-27-12 08:47 AM

Trek Belleville

They used to do a women's model, and it used to be cheaper. Maybe call around to local Trek dealers and see if they've got any leftovers?

canyoneagle 02-27-12 09:45 AM

Dutchie? $599 +$40 f0r a 3 speed, has everything you mention plus timeless style.

Gazelle may have some options in your price range, too.

For just a little more, this one is pretty sweet, though a dyno isn't part of the setup.

MichaelW 02-27-12 10:35 AM

I added a dynamo to my Alfine bike.
The only version I could find was Shimano DH-3D70 centerlock disc, 36 spoke and it is a fine hub. My LBS built it up with a DT disc-version rim (without braking surface). Make sure you match the disc style front/rear, either 6 bolt or center lock.
B&M lamps make a good match, the senso versions work well. Get a rear rack with hollow tubing and internal cable routing to a rack-mounted rear lamp. You can route cable outside the bike frame but when they are outside the rear rack, they get disturbed very easily by luggage.

With any hub gear bike, you need to pay attention to chain tensioning. Avoid the spring tensioners, there are for retro-fitting and it is a cheap and lazy hack for anyone selling a new bike with IGH.
In order of preference:
Sliding vertical dropouts
Eccentric bottom bracket
Horizontal dropout or track ends.

I would get one with a breakable rear triangle so it is compatible with a Gates belt drive. I would get a Gates belt drive if I could find one in a suitable price range, they are the ultimate in easy riding and low maintenance.

There are issues integrating rear disc brakes and racks with MTB style disc mounts. Chanistay disc mounts eliminate these issues and are the choice for fully equipped town bikes.

I cant find anything with all the kit supplied and well integrated at a good price, so good luck. Scott Sub 10 is a nice bike but mens only.

fietsbob 02-27-12 07:33 PM

Visit the Missing Link bike shop, since you are in Berkeley, ask there ..
Owned by the people who work there..

my last bike buy, a Bike Friday .
pocket Llama IGH:Rohloff, dyno hub: Schmidt a travel bike , but rides great on its 20" wheels.

their Tikit is a faster folding bike, you could get that hub set,
or a Shimano Alfine 11 and Caprio dynohub, belt drive option on both of those,
by their rear frame split technique.. and chain/belt tensioner..

both bikes have a low top tube to mount like a step thru frame..

yea there is an REI store in Berkley too..

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