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bikerjp 02-28-12 11:38 PM

Can anyone recommend a good 26 inch tire for tubeless?
I have a mtb that I'm thinking of turning into my around town shopping/commuting/tooling around with kids bike. It's currently set up as tubeless and I'd rather just throw a decent somewhat skinny tire on it and leave it tubeless. I know I can throw a tube in, but it's been great tubeless so why mess with it. I just need a a more road friendly tire. Lots of choices. Anything to help narrow down choices would be great. Thanks.

mechBgon 02-29-12 12:19 AM

Maybe a tubeless-compatible SmallBlock 8? Not super-skinny, but at least it's relatively low-profile tread and not too expensive.

bikerjp 02-29-12 09:29 AM

Thanks. That's actually a pretty good option. I was thinking something more in the 1-1.5" range but skinny tires on my mtb would look stupid and these look like they'd go off the pavement okay too.

EDIT: one more thing. I don't have UST rims but did the Stans thing years ago. Is the bead different or anything on a tire like this or will it work on old rims too? Thanks.

mechBgon 02-29-12 10:49 AM

It would work on regular rims too.

bikerjp 02-29-12 10:34 PM

Cool. Thanks. Going to order a set of these.

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