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fastbartender 02-29-12 01:27 PM

I got hit by a car...
..luckily I was in the passenger seat of another car. A woman blew through a stop sign and hit us on my side. I decided to use my head to break the windshield, got a few staples in it for my effort.

Be careful out there people! If they can't see my sisters cherry red coupe there is no way they are going to spot us on a bicycle!

Tractortom 02-29-12 01:34 PM

I'm glad to hear that you're OK...had a near miss myself today on the way in. Stopped at Hwy 70 and waited for the light. There was a minivan in the left turn lane, I pulled up next to it on my Recumbent. When the light turned green, the minivan hesitated...I waited too, and a 1/2 ton pickup coming from my left (blocked by the minivan) came screaming through the light on the red. When the van started to move so did I. If I would have stepped on the pedal and moved out into the intersection on the green light I would have been creamed by the pickup. Sometimes you just get lucky....

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL

b_young 02-29-12 04:45 PM

Glad to hear your okay.

We joke around about that phrase "near miss" at work a lot. Isn't that a Hit? Shouldn't it be a near hit?

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