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[email protected] 06-08-12 12:16 PM

Thanks commuters for all your help! Commute #100 today!
I re-started bicycle commuting last Aug. and since then have been a regular reader of commuting advice and opinions on

Since today was my 100th commute since that original ride in Aug., I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all you commuters who post and reply to the commuting questions (equipment, routes, clothing, traffic issues, etc.) on a daily basis.

Also a word of thanks to DaHon USA for the quick and easy supply of the few parts I've need for my commuting folding bike (2 folds and un-folds per day) and to the Los Angeles Metro train system that arrives on time and has now made "bike space" available on many of their train cars.

Bicycle commuting works :thumb: and is a valuable addition to my other cycling adventures :).

Rick / OCRR

TurbineBlade 06-08-12 12:19 PM

Great job man! If you really want to do something hard-core to celebrate, I like to occasionally hike my shorts way down in back and wear a small t-shirt. Then I ride around mooning everyone on the path! Bonus points if you can expose your entire ass. It's a real rush. :thumb:

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