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Arlocanta 10-23-12 09:58 AM

New Bike advice
First off hello to everyone here.

Also I would like to add That I was unsure where to post this so if an admin can redirect it to a fitting place please do so.

I am looking for a new bike to commute to work and school IE college all year round winter included up to 500$ to 700 or even 800 would be fine, Height 5,10 weight 150 pounds I live in Michigan weather so so rains not so much and not so little, hills not to much to bother with.

The bike I have now is a mongoose bought at Kmart or something like that things garbage wasn't kept well by the previous owner and now after 1500 miles it needs to go. Back brakes don't work and I cant change gears think its in 12 gear whole time and now the derail er is making the chain slip when I stand up to get my self a push after stooping bashed my nee a few times not pleasant bent rims ect...
I do maintain it but it was in sad shape to start not much I can do.

Ive been looking at cyclocross bikes and hybrids thinner tires than a mountain bike and thicker than a road bike.
Ive searched the internet and these forums on advice to buy a new bike and well the more I read and research the more daunting and confused I get.
For instance I would find a bike Id like with the features I want and price then Id research it and find that reviews tell me that it will fall apart in 500 miles or that I cant attach fenders and the like.

Yes I tried a local bike shop they tried to sell me a 1100$ bike that I told them repeatedly that I didn't want it. One it cost too and two it was a road bike they told me " Well who knows best you or me" I wanted to punch the guy in the face and his manager.

Ive spent too much time on looking for a bike I cant stand it anymore.

no1mad 10-23-12 10:21 AM

Cyclocross bikes are going to be out of your budget (when new and sourced from LBS), but there are all kinds of hybrids that easily fall within your price range.

Since you've already stated your budget and that you'll be riding year round in all weather conditions, you should reveal whether you have any significant hills or wind to contend with, as well as distances you'll be riding.

You should also disclose your general location, as a) not all brands are available everywhere and it's pointless pointing out models that you can't get locally through the LBS, and b) some of us don't mind perusing CL. Not a bad idea to disclose your height or known frame size requirements to help any CL data miners.

VaBobK 10-23-12 10:34 AM

I found a pretty decent cyclocross bike on sale from an LBS in my area. List price was $1,150 and paid $800. You should be seeing some end of season sales this time of year. Other than that, I say Craig's List will be your best bang for your buck.

Arlocanta 10-23-12 11:14 AM

Updated my post thanks no1mad I did consider those variables just forgot to mention them. I wouldn't mind paying 1000$ for a bike considering I would save more than that on gas in a year along with having to buy a car but I honestly don't make much cut my hours to deal with school so I probably will make 16k$ this year.

Michigan, rain so so year round never supper heavy, snow same as rain, hills some areas can get bad but considering anywhere I would be going would be concrete or sidewalk.
Height 5,10 150 pounds.

Yo Spiff 10-23-12 11:24 AM

Sounds like a hybrid would suit your needs nicely and fall within the budget. Something with enough clearance for fenders if needed and braze-on fittings for a rear rack. If your LBS says they know what's best for you, then find another LBS. But you know that already. Even if you are unsure of what you want, they should be asking you questions in order to try and make an informed recommendation.

I have a hybridized 25 year old MTB, but I also do my own work. It sounds like you just want something reliable to ride without any fussing about.

Arlocanta 10-23-12 12:58 PM

Thanks Yo Spiff.

Thanks for the advice was wondering is their brand I should stay away from when it comes to hybrid bikes.

Ill be heading to a few LBS tomorrow.

Yo Spiff 10-23-12 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by Arlocanta (Post 14872086)
Thanks for the advice was wondering is their brand I should stay away from when it comes to hybrid bikes.

Well, I obtained a nice road bike from my sister in law a few years ago, because she had gone to a bike shop that only wanted to sell her a road bike. They said it was the "best" bike. It never got ridden by her and just hung in the garage for years. I think people that want road bikes usually know that is the kind of bike they want. I have several road bikes as well as others. They are good at different things. I use my hybridized MTB for commuting and utility, I use the road bike when I just want to hammer and go fast (or what passes for "fast" with me).

PartsMan 10-23-12 01:16 PM

I got my Redline Metro Sport for $750 at my LBS. He also has a Crux on sale for $900.
Prices at a LBS are more negotiable than a box store or web site.

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