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sbs z31 10-24-12 04:01 PM

thinking about commuting this winter
I'm thinking about commuting this winter here in MN and was wondering what you guys think of this bike for winter commuting and if you guys have any tips or advices for winter commuting, thanks in advance.

mtbikerinpa 10-24-12 04:12 PM

1. Dress warm but not too warm.
3. If in doubt Oil your chain!

The bike pictured looks like a decent one, but I prefer gears for a commute personally. There are pros and cons for single vs multi, most of what I hear for cons is that gears are more to wear out than single. That said, I have run multi geared for quite a few winters and it just means more oiling and cleaning.

dramiscram 10-24-12 05:53 PM

Have a look at the winter cycling forum, it's full of crazy people who ride their bike in winter :rolleyes:. When I wanted advice to do the same (first winter for me too) i found it very helpful.

scoatw 10-24-12 06:10 PM

I agree on the Winter Cycling forum. There are all kind of websites on riding a bike in winter. But I found the advice on the Winter Cycling forum to be the most helpful. Save yourself some time.

sbs z31 10-24-12 06:30 PM

Thanks guys, is it possible for a mod to move this to the correct forum or do I have to make another thread?

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