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Beaker 10-28-12 10:40 AM

Recording commutes on a Garmin with a ferry ride in the middle
Recently I've been commuting by bike, and have a ferry ride in between the start of my ride and me arriving at my office. I've sometimes had some issues with lost data when I simply "stop" the ride when boarding the ferry and restart when I get off at the other end. The 500 will typically power down during the journey.

Anyone know what the "correct" way is to handle this interrupted ride? Either hit stop as I have been doing and resume, or should I stop and then hit reset to create two separate activities?


chefisaac 10-28-12 11:11 AM

It's best to create two. I did my first century earlier this year and used the Garmin Edge and mapped it out using two different file names. One being "before the ferry" and the other named "After ferry".

Worked wonders.

Beaker 10-28-12 04:58 PM

Thnx - yeah, I started doing that, I just wondered if the first method of just "pausing" the ride while I took the ferry might cause the garmin to get confused/screw up my data (as has happened).

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