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wisaunders 08-15-13 07:11 AM

Left earlier this morning to ride with my brother-in-law on his first bike commute. The bridge over the Trinity River on the nice little back road is under construction so we had to go a few miles out of our way. It was nice to have the company and be able to give him the confidence. Worth the extra 5 miles any day.

arsprod 08-15-13 07:13 AM

Well apparently my Canadian brothers and sisters didn't get the message about bringing their cold air masses back to the north! 56F this morning and ride home yesterday was barely 70. These are easily 20-30 degrees below normal. I was at a commuting gathering last night and lots of people were saying how great these cool temps are. But most of them stop riding by the end of October. I want cold weather when it's supposed to be cold! Rant over...

timvan_78 08-15-13 09:34 AM

What was that wet stuff falling from the sky this AM? It was just a sprinkle, but...Haven't been rained on commuting in almost 2 months!

(In the winter it can be weeks without a dry commute.)

no motor? 08-15-13 09:42 AM

Today was great, nice and cool - not too windy either. The weather doesn't get much better than this.

ill.clyde 08-15-13 09:48 AM

Good ride this morning, though my brain was protesting before I even got out of bed.

My legs are tired. It's my first three-day week commute, and they were Tues/Weds/Thurs so I'm feeling it.

RidingMatthew 08-15-13 10:10 AM

61f Glorious ride! It was partly cloudy with the sunrise breaking through. Seemed to be less cars than usual and I was a little cool on my fingers but my arm warmers and leg warmers made the ride perfect. Head was cold at first but I warmed up. I even think the weather might cooperate enough to give a 5x riding this week.

Fizzaly 08-15-13 02:51 PM

Terrible ride today, in case you didn't know a bunch of Idaho is on fire and its starting to collect in the treasure valley (Boise metro area). Have a sore throat an d my eyes are still burning from my ride home, here's some pics.

enigmaT120 08-15-13 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by BLACK RIDER (Post 15962493)
in a word....COLD! Not freezing but definitely not August temperatures either. I heard a strange knocking in my bottom bracket 2 I'm hoping its just the weather.

Make sure the retaining bolt hasn't come loose. The torque on mine is very low, and my first one kept coming out.

Goriot 08-15-13 07:36 PM

22 deg and clear rides with the vancouver commute for about 45 days, finally today there was a typical vancouver commute. Good climb to work, 168 m over 4k in cloudy drizzle. Im posting today because i drove and the commute was long and not pleasant

FenderTL5 08-16-13 05:08 AM

This is the first one since changing tires in April. Considering I was averaging more than 1 per month prior - I should feel pretty good.
It was still dark, I'm about 4 miles into the commute, going full blast (top gear, in a free spin) down a huge, steep hill when I felt a little wiggle in the rear. I looked down, looks OK, another wiggle.. oh snap it's going flat. I rolled to a stop, pushed to a bus stop - rode the bus on in to the office. I haven't even looked at the tire yet.

Once I get the morning routine going I'll pull the tire and see if it can be repaired here at work.

genel 08-16-13 07:26 AM

Another perfect morning! I haven't been posting mauch, but I've commuted 4-5 days per week all summer. More commuters this summer than ever before. One rider who is quite fast has been passing me on the route home. I can't recall such consistently fine weather here. Last serious storm was in June.

Had to replace my HRM with an ebay version. I left mine in a shower at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh. Not quite the same model and it's calorie counter is quite high, but not bad for $20.

daihard 08-16-13 08:29 AM

I just rode from home all the way down to work for the first time. It's not a very long or challenging route (8.6 miles one way, relatively flat with a couple of steep hills), but I'm very happy. I hope to be able to do this at least twice a week, weather permitting. :)

Allycat24 08-16-13 08:35 AM

Another cool morning - just spectacular weather! I saw a lot of cyclists on the trail this morning - maybe only half had a pannier or backpack so it looks like the cooler weather is bringing out more people for exercise. In hotter weather, it seems like I only see commuters in the morning, and the fun riders are out in the evenings. I'm trying to arrange a group fun ride at lunch today so I can hit 1000 miles for the year. I know that is not a lot for most people, but I'm pretty psyched about it.

anthonybkny 08-16-13 08:40 AM

first commute to work this morning. 13 miles, nice cool morning. only had to yell at 2 cabs for trying to squeeze me off the rode, but all and all, a good ride!

baron von trail 08-16-13 08:43 AM

Nice, 50 degree morning. Rode without a jacket, just a double layer of dry-fit shirts and a pair of cycling shorts. It's still showing daylight when I leave at 6:30, but getting darker. I'm Running two rear tail lights now. Soon, I'll be using the strobe up front too---maybe as early as next week Monday.

FenderTL5 08-16-13 08:50 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Well sports fans, I brought my bike up to my office equipment room, flipped it over to see if I could find the culprit causing the flat tire.
I think this would do it:

In a way, I'm relieved. At least it was an obvious reason.
The little section of missing bead was befuddling.

droy45 08-16-13 10:22 AM

Finally a day to commute. Been working away all week so today I had the opportunity to cycle in to my new location and it was a fairly easy 15 miles. Not as easy and quick as I had it in the past but it is doable and will try to do it at least 3 days a week if I can stay in the office. No shower here so the nice morning temps helped make that more comfortable. It took about 80 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.

enigmaT120 08-16-13 10:59 AM

It was nice this morning, though warmer and more muggy than I am used to. My bike bit me! My Birkie sandaled foot slipped off my right BMX pedal, and ran a long narrow scrape down my achilles. I will try to put some duct tape on it before I head home, or the sandle strap will irritate it again.

PatrickGSR94 08-16-13 12:09 PM

Woohoo got in a full commuting week this week, 15 miles a day Tuesday thru Friday. :)

Ride home yesterday totally kicked my arse!! I ate way too much at lunch, then had a headwind yesterday afternoon and just felt lethargic the whole way, despite the unseasonably cooler temps we've been having here. This morning was a little bit better but not much. I actually wore a long-sleeve tech shirt under my high-vis jersey this morning.

Also school started here last Thursday. Not a big deal when I first start out as it's early. But the 2 schools I pass near my office at the end of the morning commute are right around 7:15 and the traffic is just nuts. I may have to start taking the longer commute route to work in the mornings, which do not pass any schools at all.

tarwheel 08-16-13 12:55 PM

Foiled by the weather forecasters again! They predicted today would be a rainy day, so I slept in since I needed to run some errands in my car sometime during the next few days. Of course, it was sunny when I got up. It did eventually cloud up, but still no rain at 3 pm. Our forecasters suck when it comes to predicting rain.

ksy 08-16-13 01:17 PM

Seat bag was stolen today :(

I don't understand how some people leave panniers on long term and never have them stolen.

noisebeam 08-16-13 03:44 PM

Same ol same ol
94F for the 7am ride in.
Soon heading out for my ride home: 114F, 118F heat index.
At least it is not as humid so the HI is a bit lower this week.
Will it end?

blastro 08-16-13 03:46 PM

Beautiful. After 3+ years of commuting I don't take a thing for granted, in any season. I am lucky to be able to do it.

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