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Bluish Green 01-02-13 12:08 PM

7*F and no wind. A new personal low temp best (I started riding in May 2012).

A nice ride, I will take that weather any day. Two thumbs up on both my Nokian A10 studded tires for dealing with rutted & nasty ice patches (albeit at lower speeds) and my synthetic heavy duty balaclava (that I hadn't tried before but performed well today).

If there had been wind, that ride would have been a lot different.

I hope everybody has a great 2013 bicycle commuting!

whitenhiemer 01-02-13 12:24 PM

Commute today was freezing, 28 degrees outside when I left the house. That and I have to bus it part of the way to the office for safety, and the crazy bus driver hit all the pot holes on the way in. I thought my ride was going to shake off the bike stand. It did however shake my frame mounted bike pump. That thing is on the highway somewhere. The next one that I buy will have a clamp on it to keep it from falling off.

acidfast7 01-02-13 12:33 PM


did not feel so cold at all :D

must have been the törkölypálinka :D

muu 01-02-13 01:04 PM

It was beautiful out and 22F. Three layers of gloves, balclava and a wool sock got me into the office in one shape. Fingers still felt like they were falling off... might be time to put the Bar Mitts back on. I don't like em much, but I like my fingers more than I dislike using those mitts.

electricalbox 01-02-13 02:12 PM

It was amazing and dark, rode at 5:45AM in 40* degree weather. I was able to increase my speed by 1.2mph average (up to 17.8) for my 14.6 mile commute to work (I am a newbie only my second time riding). Having normal gloves and basically a ski mask I use for snowboarding kept me much warmer. I can't wait to ride home today!

cehowardGS 01-02-13 03:04 PM

First ride/commute of the year. Cold, around 29 degrees or lower, and dark out. Don't laugh, but I got 6 layers down the bottom, 4 layers up top, thick gloves, facemask made onto 3 layer up top. The weak link was one pair of socks. Tomorrow I will double up on the socks.. :) Ha, the ride was sweet. Old mother cold couldn't say chit to me, but later on messed with my feet. And that was was because I was taking the real long way to work. Oh boy.. ;)

enigmaT120 01-02-13 03:13 PM

It was a beautiful ride this morning. The large (though not full any more) moon was in the middle of the sky. No clouds, no fog, about 25 degrees. I pulled the edges of my dew rag down over my ears and was fine. The roads weren't very icy. I got passed by one car in 9 miles.

This clear, cold stuff is my favorite winter weather.

droy45 01-02-13 03:27 PM

0 degF today, 30 mph winds, windchill would have been very low. I think I'm coming down with a cold so I drove in. Maybe tomorrow with less wind. It would have been miserable and I commute mostly for the fun and not to save gas yet anyway.

Cassave 01-02-13 04:14 PM

40 deg. F
35 mph headwind.

It's still blowing so the ride home will be mighty quick.

caloso 01-02-13 05:27 PM

First commute of the year required the heavy old Rock Hopper. Quite chilly for NorCal: 29f/-2c. Hands were cold (couldn't find my ski gloves) but otherwise comfy in a merino sweater. Light traffic. I imagine a lot of folks are still on holiday.

mconlonx 01-02-13 08:20 PM

Dropped a car at the bus station for a friend, rode back 7 mi. Temp leaving the house was 19 deg F, 13 when I got to the station, 11 by the time I got home.

Two days into the new year; two days riding. Life is pretty darned OK...

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-02-13 09:45 PM

Below freezing this morning, but there was no wind and it didn't feel cold at all. I saw more fellow commuters than I was expecting.

Car traffic was very light today!

sirtirithon 01-02-13 10:00 PM

Cold. It was the first commute of the year for me, since I had New Years Day off from work. I rode 16 miles to work (a big out of the way loop) to try to reach my goal of 20 miles for the day. It was 20 degrees f out so pretty cold. I had to stop and shed layers midway through. I was working at a different location today so I only had a 2 mile shot home compared to my typical 5.5 miles and the wife was in need of assistance so I only got 18 miles in today but oh well. Tonights low is 13 degrees f so it'll be a chilly ride in!

jyl 01-02-13 11:00 PM

About 30 F this morning at 5:30 AM. I have a short commute, just a few miles, usually I ride fairly quickly, but nowadays I'm slowing down and looking for icy spots. Still wearing just the usual stuff - rain jacket and pants, rain booties, a light fleece, "fall gloves". At worst, I add a thin balaclava and a thin fleece vest, but that's 'cuz rain and 34 F feels colder than dry and 30 F.

acidfast7 01-03-13 02:54 AM

4C/37F and slight rain. Water all over the streets. Perhaps it's time for some fenders.

swmlon 01-03-13 03:20 AM

First two commutes were cold and wet, but I have to say they've been great rides thus far. Looking at adding some more miles to my journey :thumb:

dcb23 01-03-13 06:43 AM

31F/-1C A cold ride in but the layers are helping. I am happy with my new balaclava except for the fact that it does not allo me to breath easily when i lull it up to cover my old one was much better for that.

Lots of cars on the city streets, the city is returning to business.

droy45 01-03-13 07:13 AM

-8F this morning, cloudy, light wind. Took me 1 hour 20min because I had to change my route some due to the short off road section I used to use is now under 2ft of snow. Had to go into the city downtown but traffic was low. Nice ride, nobody else riding today.

dramiscram 01-03-13 08:23 AM

Cold... -26 celcius.

tarwheel 01-03-13 08:32 AM

First bike commute of 2013 and since mid-December due to vacation, holidays, lousy weather and other issues. Felt good to be back on the bike in the morning. Legs were fresh but had to replace some batteries that I forgot to charge over the holidays.

wphamilton 01-03-13 08:41 AM

Still on my alternate route due to high water alongside the creek. At around 36 degrees it was still a bit too warm with arm warmers and a windbreaker - I'm beginning to think that just my regular office clothes will be sufficient.

Telly 01-03-13 09:46 AM

Minor health problem has kept me from my commute today, and probably tomorrow too. :(

groovestew 01-03-13 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by dramiscram (Post 15113988)
Cold... -26 celcius.

Brrrr! How long were you out in that?

bici_mania 01-03-13 12:22 PM

Today was my first day back to work since 21 December, intent on starting the year off right, it was my first bike commute since summer. It's been very cold and a bit windy lately. Since I am in between road and commuter bikes I rode my single speed mountain bike. Being out of shape and over doing it with layering and bundling I arrived at work a bit sweaty but feeling great. Somehow I forgot how invigorating and motivating an early morning ride is.

caloso 01-03-13 12:35 PM

28F this morning, but I found my toasty ski gloves and that made all the difference.

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