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jrickards 01-03-13 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by dramiscram (Post 15113988)
Cold... -26 celcius.

You're a monster!!! (yeti maybe)

For other reasons, I haven't ridden in yet this year but the 2 mornings I walked in (40min), it was -16/-17C with a -21/-24C windchill that would have been worse at biking speed.

cehowardGS 01-03-13 02:50 PM

Around 28F here too. Yesterday was my first commute of the new year, today my second.. Today, I put on double socks,and liners in my gloves an upgrade from yesterday. So, with 6 layers down the bottom, 4 layers up top, ski mask on the 3rd layer, liners in my gloves and double socks, I laughed at the cold and enjoyed the ride. ;) Takes me a while to undress, but there is nothing like riding in the cold when you are dressed for it.. ;)

agent pombero 01-03-13 03:42 PM

Very cold over this past week (for me), actual temps in the lower 30s with the wind chills low to mid 20s. The wind makes it difficult to bike because I've been unlucky to have a headwind just about every ride!

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-03-13 11:47 PM

For various lame reasons I drove today and felt like a mentally challenged slug at work. It's amazing how much of a difference the wake-up ride makes!

canyoneagle 01-03-13 11:54 PM

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Late afternoon trip into Grand Junction to get a stack of documents compiled into a scan file. 28 miles round trip, really nice ride. When I left the house after 3PM it was sunny and 14F, and the ride home was getting towards 5F in the dark. It was so nice to be riding in the dark again. This is one of the aspects of my old 8-5 grind that I truly loved. I wouldn't trade, though. I'm quite enjoying being a house husband.

acidfast7 01-04-13 03:44 AM

Friday ... can't commute as leaving for a party this evening by car ... had to drive in :(

EmeralDQueen 01-04-13 06:40 AM

I started the year commuting with great weather allot of sunshine and wanting to ride my bicycle every day. Now that my bike has new accesories it feels great commuting every day, I have a bigger basket and a new rear rack and it does makes a difference specially when I go to buy groceries.

dcb23 01-04-13 06:43 AM

Another cool morning just belkow freezing. No wind, sun creeping up. Thank goodness for the over the glasses googles I bought, keeps my eyes from watering up.

Tomoorow's commute is to the local microberewery for a fill up! Cheers all.

tarwheel 01-04-13 07:26 AM

Coldest morning commute since early December with temps in the mid- to upper 20s, with heavy frost on all of the cars and lawns. Biking to work saved me from having to spend 5 minutes scraping the ice off my car windows this morning. This is my kind of weather and I love it as long as it's not raining, sleeting or snowing. Wore my warmest gloves this morning and it was nice having totally warm fingers for a change. Unfortunately they are too hot if the temps are above freezing, so I carried a second pair of gloves to wear home this afternoon.

mjw16 01-04-13 07:31 AM

Cold, about 28 F, but, not terrible. I felt great with shorts and minimal layering up top. I finally replaced my hole-riddled gloves and that made a big difference. I felt strong and hammered in, may have been aided by a tailwind too. Nothing interesting to report, I don't think I even saw another cyclist out there.

droy45 01-04-13 07:42 AM

Cold this morning again, 0degF, calm, cloudy. Not much people out, just a few morning walkers. More traffic in the city today for some reason. Harder to get into the left lanes to turn left. Anxious for spring already.

arsprod 01-04-13 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by dcb23 (Post 15113804)
31F/-1C A cold ride in but the layers are helping. I am happy with my new balaclava except for the fact that it does not allo me to breath easily when i lull it up to cover my old one was much better for that.

I bought one of these last night and wore it this morning (adult version), I wore it with my balaclava pulled down below my chin - works great. I hate breathing through material and this mask doesn't feel like that.

19F with headwind this am. I'm still riding on streets as MUP is still frozen over. I'm realizing how spoiled I've been - cars suck!

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-04-13 09:18 PM

Normal conditions today... around 5C with light rain. Feels good to be getting back into it.

electricalbox 01-04-13 09:24 PM

Fantastic ride coming home from work, except I could have made a very safe yellow light, but I saw a cop making a right to go in front of me so and slammed on the brakes. I think I need to work on balancing my weight better because I felt the rear tire lift and actually moved about 15 degrees to the right when I came to stop. Officer just looked and smiled, IDK how I felt about that. :P

acidfast7 01-05-13 05:56 AM


I'm a sweaty mess :D

wphamilton 01-05-13 09:19 AM

Overslept, and my boss walked up as I reached the front door wondering why I drove in. How embarrassing.

Rimmer 01-05-13 03:32 PM

It was 25 when I left the other morning. Frost was all over the ground and on car windows. Not only do they waste money traveling but also heating.

acidfast7 01-07-13 02:19 AM

8C/45F so I'm super warm and sweaty :(

it's my last commute until 16 Jan because I'll be seeing family in Maine. time to dust of the running shoes and/or XC skis!

dcb23 01-07-13 06:14 AM

Well above freezing this morning, strong head wind.

essiemyra 01-07-13 06:30 AM

It was 28f when I left the house this morning in darkness. Since it was my first commute to work since November it was a great feeling to be riding to work. I dressed for the weather and was not to cold. I look forward to the ride home as it staying lighter longer and temps are supposed to warm up to the 30's today.

jrickards 01-07-13 06:41 AM

A cold -19C (-2F) start to commuting this year but feel good that I've started biking so early in the year.

Riding on the plowed sidewalks (as I have been doing this winter) is like riding on cobble stones: so much effort is required to maintain speed. Although I am taking the shortest route in to work, 4km (2.5mi), I am getting a decent workout although not for very long as it takes about 15min (haven't timed it yet).

droy45 01-07-13 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by jrickards (Post 15128688)
A cold -19C (-2F) start to commuting this year but feel good that I've started biking so early in the year.

Riding on the plowed sidewalks (as I have been doing this winter) is like riding on cobble stones: so much effort is required to maintain speed. Although I am taking the shortest route in to work, 4km (2.5mi), I am getting a decent workout although not for very long as it takes about 15min (haven't timed it yet).

9 degF here this morning. Sometimes I feel like taking the plowed sidewalks too. The snow banks leave very little room for cars to go around me in the lane and some just honk at me to get out of the way.

tarwheel 01-07-13 07:18 AM

Temperature this morning just below the freezing mark and heavy frost again on cars and lawns. Looks like nice weather for the week ahead, if you believe the forecasts, but the weather guys have been terrible lately. They predicted a sunny weekend and it rained nearly all of Sunday, when I normally do my long group ride for the week. Nobody shows on group rides around here if there is even a hint of rain, so I skipped the ride and went out solo after the rain quit in late afternoon. Unfortunately, I'll have to drive on Wednesday -- when the temps are supposed to reach the 60s F -- due to a dentist appointment.

The Chemist 01-07-13 07:18 AM

Nice ride in today. Still somewhat wet, with a few snow flurries, but no wind to speak of today for once. Last week I was dealing with headwinds in the morning almost every day.

Temperature wise, between 0C in the morning and 3C in the afternoon. No big deal. One layer (relatively thick fleece lined bib tights) on the bottom, two layers (light short sleeved shirt and relatively water resistant fleece lined jacket up top) plus waterproof gloves, wool socks, waterproof boots, and a thin balaclava under my helmet. This year I'm finally properly equipped for wet weather, which is good given how wet Shanghai winters usually are.

wphamilton 01-07-13 08:35 AM

I'm still on my home-brew streamliner after some major adjustments on Saturday. I dressed lightly for -1C; one of the advantages is that it doesn't matter if you wear loose or flapping clothes. I'd just go in my regular work clothes except that I still perspire lightly.

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