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bene gesserit 01-07-13 08:39 AM

My eyes got blurry on my way downtown. I don't know if it was because I wasn't wearing glasses or because of dehydration, but it felt like I'd just woken up and had goop in the corners of my eyes.

ChrisM2097 01-07-13 08:58 AM

First commute of the year. 39F & foggy. I was able to mostly stay warm, but after 30 minutes of riding, I couldn't feel my fingertips, even though I'm wearing Castelli insulated full-finger gloves.

Steely Dan 01-07-13 08:58 AM

nice ride in this morning. blue sunny skies. 22 degrees (windchill at 13). decent tailwind the whole way.

i was thoroughly impressed with the number of other bike commuters i saw. i counted 53 out on the lakefront path, plus others i saw in downtown must have brought the total to 60+. granted that's a far cry from a balmy june morning, but it's still wildly good for a chilly january morning in chicago.

winter biking: catch the fever (or cold)!

arsprod 01-07-13 11:04 AM

Hate to admit I didn't ride today. Last week's spill on the ice has got me a bit spooked. I'm either going to wait until the snow and ice are gone from MUP and/or street berms or get another bike that can take tires with some tread and possibly studs. The good thing is it's supposed to get above freezing today and very warm by mid week with possible rain. And I've been browsing Craig's List this morning for another bike!

treadtread 01-07-13 12:17 PM

Haven't commuted at all since the new year began. For reasons that are too long to explain here, I won't be able to commute for at least a couple of months, maybe more. I've been going out on bike rides on weekends and sometimes in the evenings, but the lack of daily cycling is really getting me down. It is actually a bit depressing to come to office - add that to the usual Monday blues and I would rather be anywhere but at work. Oh well, hopefully this will become routine soon - its been just one week so far.

Telly 01-08-13 03:46 AM

Coldest day of the year here with the temperature creeping to around 4C/39F, light snow with heavy winds gusting to around 50kph/35 mph making things uncomfortable, especially since snow in Athens is something very-very rare!

dcb23 01-08-13 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by bene gesserit (Post 15128965)
My eyes got blurry on my way downtown. I don't know if it was because I wasn't wearing glasses or because of dehydration, but it felt like I'd just woken up and had goop in the corners of my eyes.

My eyes tear up very easily in cold weather...I wear over the glasses ski goggles with clear lenses.

Last night's commute home was with a girl on my team at work who was coming over to fetch a bike another friend is donating to her...and then on the way in this morning i ran into another girl on my team and we rode in together. Never happened before and will never happen again!

The Chemist 01-08-13 06:27 AM

Don't know what it was, but drivers on the way home were worse than normal. Got a little pissed off and every time I tried to cool off another driver did something to piss me off. I hope the drivers will be a little less annoying tomorrow.

At least the weather was warmer and dryer than it has been the past couple of weeks.

jrickards 01-08-13 06:43 AM

-20C yesterday morning, -2C this morning and it is forecast to be mild over the next couple of days. Yuck, slush!

With the softened snow on the sidewalks this morning, my rear wheel would do the occasional side-slide, I can't wait for the snow to harden a bit.

tarwheel 01-08-13 07:17 AM

Nice commute this morning but a brutal finish to it. Our water heater at work is not working again (for the second time in the past few months), and I had to take a cold shower for the second morning in a row. With temps in the low 30s, a cold shower is the last thing you want after riding for an hour. I feel like a member of the Polar Bear Club. On the plus side, I certainly was refreshed after showering and my morning coffee never tasted better.

jrickards 01-08-13 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by tarwheel (Post 15132790)
... my morning coffee never tasted better.

Or warmer I would think!

If it were me, I'd think hard about not showering (no matter how sweaty I was) or warming the shower water with some of that coffee.

wphamilton 01-08-13 07:32 AM

Coming in early was a pleasant ride with almost no one out yet. It was 4C and I wore a long sleeve base with a short jersey. The fairing blocks all the wind except that it flows down my back so it feels strange to have your back cool and warm everywhere else. I'm not sure if I want to make the sides taller to change that, for when it gets cold.

Medic Zero 01-08-13 08:21 AM

How was the commute today? GLORIOUS! The ride in to work last night between about 5 and 6PM wasn't really anything special, but it was nice that it wasn't too cold and it wasn't raining. On Mondays I only have to work 8 hours, getting off at 0330, which compared to my usual 12 hour shifts in the ER is like a treat. This, combined with new pedals and switching out my saddle made for a great ride.

I knew my pedals were worn out, the bearings had been clicking for weeks, then I began to feel play in them, then the play got serious. I think that is why my knee hurt after riding about 30 miles just before Christmas. It started to feel like my feet were making little "s" motions on the pedals because there was so much play in them. I finally picked up a new pair of pedals and then finally got around to mounting them a few days ago. At the same time I pulled my saddle off to inspect it. I wasn't sure what was wrong with it but it felt like I was sitting on the seatpost the last three rides. Unfortunately back to back 12 hour shifts didn't even leave me enough time to sleep, much less investigative bike maintenance, so I just suffered through those rides. Once I had the saddle off the problem was quite obvious - I had snapped one of the chromoly rails on my saddle.

Riding on new pedals and a unbroken saddle was a revelation! I was getting discouraged as to how difficult my commute was feeling. I'm getting older and I still haven't lost any weight, and sometimes my hilly commute doesn't ever seem to get better, and now I was feeling tired and going slowly all the time. It's amazing how much power a shattered saddle and busted pedal sap out of you! My commute Friday and today was SO MUCH easier! :lol:

I have to say I'm appreciative for these forums for a number of reasons, and the thread tracking our commuting mileage has paid off some unexpected dividends. I was going to come up about 30 miles shy of an even 2,000 miles total for last year so I started taking different routes (other than the 3 or 4 each way I already use) to add a few more miles each day the last few weeks of the year in order to have a nice even 2K miles for 2012. Between my bike being a lot easier to ride all the sudden, leaving work at 4AM, and having recently explored some new areas I took a great new route home this morning.

I climbed to the crest of Capitol Hill and over it rather than bombing down it from work. This took me to a deserted 19th Avenue which gave me a mile of nearly flat road with almost now pot holes, ruts, seams, cracks or other rough irregularities that seem to plague almost every block of my commute and zero cars (4AM). From here the road enters Interlaken Park, which is basically a twisty mountain road. I was thankful for decent lights, because much of it is unlit, with no centerline, shoulder, or painted markings at all. Recently they've added some reflectors through a couple of the switchbacks, and there are a couple of houses and a school that have lights, but almost of all of it is nearly pitch black with just some background light from the city beyond showing through the trees. I startled some large animal as I entered the park. Both deer and coyote live in the area, could have easily been either, but I never caught a glimpse of it.

After I rocketed out of the park onto the road below I explored the neighborhood between the arterial I usually take into work and Lake Union's shore. I was hoping for a quiet bypass to my usual route, but it was very hilly and none of the roads really go through all the way. It was nice to explore a new neighborhood, especially an interesting one of nice houses, nice apartments, interesting businesses, dockside industry (ship repair and marinas) and houseboat communities. My climb home from there felt like nothing now that my commuter bike isn't half a wreck! :lol: It probably helped that I had dismounted my big saddlebag because the saddle support won't work with the saddle I'm using temporarily. On my way in I ran on Ortlieb off my front rack, but after ferrying in two days worth of clothes was able to stuff it in a locker and strap my toiletries bag with my tools in to my front deck and travel home very lightly loaded for once!


arsprod 01-08-13 10:23 AM

I felt so wimpy not riding yesterday that despite the ice and snow still down went for it today - 23F, little wind, nice sunrise, and overall uneventful and pleasant. I did realize a disadvantage of my much beloved Burton snowmobile mittens - I can't flip off the ******* motorists who honk at me.

Notso_fastLane 01-08-13 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by locolobo13 (Post 15110099)
First commute of the year. 38F. Cold for me. :)

That's pretty cold for Phx! (Native AZian here.)

It was colder (~40F) today than yesterday, and the rain really started coming down just as I was leaving the garage, of course.... I'm surprised at just how comfortable the recumbent is in the rain. Very little of me gets wet at all. Good gear helps.

CenturionIM 01-08-13 10:50 AM

Finally decided to ride to work today. First commute in 30 degree weather but it turned out fine. The only problem I had was running nose and forgetting my balaclava at home. Was kicking myself the entire way as my ear complains about the cold

marqueemoon 01-08-13 11:00 AM

43 and steady rain. Felt colder.

noglider 01-08-13 12:39 PM

I was going to ride to the train, put my bike on the train, and ride (from the station near work) to work. One mile on the home end and about two miles on the work end. But I missed my train (before I left my house), and the next train would have made me later than riding the whole way, so I rode the whole way. My computer says I rode 12.85 miles in 56 minutes at an average speed of 13.6 mph, which is the fastest I've clocked on this route so far, so I'm happy. I hope I don't get in trouble for arriving at work so late. I don't know if anyone noticed. I just hope my bosses don't see this. ;) Max speed was 34.9 mph. Riding home, I have to ride back up that steep hill, and the downhills aren't as steep going home, so it's always slower. Plus it will be dark, which makes me go more slowly.

It was 30-something degrees and fairly breezy. I wore a merino wool long-sleeve polo shirt plus a heavy wool sweater. I was plenty warm. I didn't bring another layer, so I hope the temperature doesn't drop much.

Santaria 01-08-13 12:54 PM

Decent temps, lots of drizzle; severe thunderstorms slated to hit about the time I head out tonight. So I am already drying out what I can with the expectations of making a 26 minute sprint through hail/flash floods tonight.

tdsherman325 01-08-13 01:17 PM

45 degrees and drizzle. First time I've rode in the wet and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Most of the moisture on me came from wearing too warm a coat as opposed to the rain.

BlueShoe 01-08-13 02:51 PM

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It's a mild, sunny day in Nashville and perfect for a commute. The temperature has climbed into the high fifties and there's hardly any wind. It's only the 8th of January, but it feels like spring. On my morning commute, I stopped by the Farmers Market and visited Gardens of Babylon (a nursery). Couldn't resist buying some stalks of fuzzy willow (it's actually called something else, but the real name is rendered as p****y willow whenever I try to type it here). Rode the rest of the way to my office with the willows resting comfortably beneath the bungee cord on the top of my Brooks panniers. Here's a picture of the setup. What a great day to be on a bike.

RGNY 01-08-13 05:18 PM

snow receded enough to expose the shoulder on the back roads, so this was my first commute since just before Christmas.

17F out, 40F back. some deep sand in spots, but nothing special. should have worn more/thinner layers. little too warm coming home, but the sun felt good.

Rimmer 01-08-13 05:59 PM

It was 25 when I left this morning. Luckily it’s not supposed to get that cold for the rest of the week. I hope it doesn’t get like that with rain.

Later in the afternoon after going grocery shopping, I make a left turn well in advance of the motorist to my right that was heading straight through the intersection. As I continue the turn, the cager speeds up with the muffler blaring up. There’s a stop sign not too far ahead, so there was not point whatsoever in him speeding other than to intimidate me or to pass me. The road was wide. He had one of those ball sack things hanging on his car, and it was bouncing on the road. Clearly this was an oblivious moron.

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-08-13 10:21 PM


essiemyra 01-09-13 06:31 AM

the temp was 18f when I rode by the thermometer this morning in town and there was no wind, so it was a very nice ride to work today. Later they are predicting 10-15 mile an hour s sw winds on my way home, so I should have a very nice ride home this evening.

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