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Tractortom 01-11-13 06:50 AM

Commuted in the truck today. This is the last working day before 10 days off and a cruise south, and I got all geared up, loaded the bike and started out at 7am. Got less than 2 miles from the house when the rain (which was NOT in the forecast) began. I thought it over, and realized that I have an S10 that doesn't leak at all. So I turned around, went to the house and put the bike away. Got into a uniform and headed into work in the pickup... Not a great way to finish the first commuting week of the year. I'll ride home in the rain (happens all the time here in south Florida) but draw the line at riding into work in the rain. Call me a weenie, it's true.

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL

The Chemist 01-11-13 07:17 AM

Finished my first complete 5 day week of commuting in a long time today. Rode my second bike, the 'Green Monster' for the last couple days of the week. It's definitely more nimble and quicker than my primary commuter, but as it's got only clipless pedals I have to wear my not-so-warm bike shoes, so my toes get cold. Still, it's nice to be able to ride it for a couple of days, because it means that it's not so darned wet (it's not a wet weather bike in the slightest). :)

droy45 01-11-13 07:17 AM

First day this week back at the office from assignment out of town. Nice commute, 22F, calm, sun just coming up. We are having a January thaw and the roads are all clear again down to bare pavement. Good going today.

tarwheel 01-11-13 07:28 AM

Made a great call on the weather this week. Rode to work on Weds, despite having a dentist appointment that I had to ride to, due to incredibly nice, sunny, warm weather. However, I had to drive one day to do some errands and take home laundry from work, and decided to make that Friday. Woke up this morning to a cold, steady rain and it sure felt nice driving to work. So I managed to ride 4 days out of 5, about 130 miles total, for the work week -- and stayed dry. My apologies to all of the hard cores who ride in any weather condition, but I just don't like riding in the rain.

droy45 01-11-13 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by tarwheel (Post 15144531)
Made a great call on the weather this week. Rode to work on Weds, despite having a dentist appointment that I had to ride to, due to incredibly nice, sunny, warm weather. However, I had to drive one day to do some errands and take home laundry from work, and decided to make that Friday. Woke up this morning to a cold, steady rain and it sure felt nice driving to work. So I managed to ride 4 days out of 5, about 130 miles total, for the work week -- and stayed dry. My apologies to all of the hard cores who ride in any weather condition, but I just don't like riding in the rain.

I hear you. I tend to do the same thing. As long as it's not raining when I leave in the morning, I go and it really doesn't matter much if its raining coming home at night. During snow storms, I don't go, I tried it but it was so difficult and slow and not to mention dangerous with the cars all over the place. It is not necessary to commute so I pick my days too. I only do it for fun, fitness and the savings.

arsprod 01-11-13 08:29 AM

Unbelievable 51F this morning - more like early Spring than early January. A week ago it barely reached 15F. Pretty good headwind but other than one of my Power Grip straps coming loose a nice ride in.

The ride home last night was in mid 40's but very wet - steady rain the whole way. The rain continued all night and this morning the MUP and all streets are fully clear of ice and snow. The problem now is flooding - including some sections of the MUP. It was actually kinda fun, sort of like venturing through an Amazon trail! This afternoon it might reach 60... Sunday they're talking about snow again. Weather in the midwest...

wphamilton 01-11-13 08:38 AM

For the first time in over almost a year I forgot to pack a shirt. With a warm, very light rain I was trying to decide between just wearing work clothes or riding clothes, and wound up bringing only shorts along for the ride home. fortunately I keep spares at work. The drizzle was a non-issue by the way. I arrived bone-dry. Next time I'll wear my office clothes and not worry about it.

[email protected] 01-11-13 09:34 AM

Kind of cold when I rode out of the house today, 37 Deg.F is South Whittier! I warmed up once I got riding though (wool base layer helps!). Got to the Metro station and the train was about 3 min. late (very unusual) but had my DaHon all folded, so no worries.

That said, the Metro was far more crowded than usual this morning! Not sure why; Fridays are usually light. Felt a bit warmer once I got to LA!

Rick / OCRR

no motor? 01-11-13 09:41 AM

I rode in amazed at 2 things today: 1) it wasn't too icy/slippery to keep me from riding and 2) it was warm enough for me to wear a short sleeved shirt and a vest today. Both amazing for Chicago in January.

CptjohnC 01-11-13 12:35 PM

First bike commute of the new year, but it was actually only my second commute of the new year due to lots of telecommuting to save my officemates from my coughy/sneezy self. Rode the MTB because I dropped the primary workhorse off at the LBS for some loving care.

I wonder why I bother checking the weather sometimes. Unless there's a zero or 100% chance of rain, everything in between is just a crap shoot.

enigmaT120 01-11-13 02:04 PM

30 degrees, dark, clear, with bright stars. It was a nice ride though I had to be cautious on the ice. I resent having to use my brakes on the downhill ride, as I earned that elevation climbing up it.

No cars passed me in 9 miles!

noglider 01-11-13 02:18 PM

I didn't bike-commute to work today, but I rode to lunch. I keep my old English 3-speed at work for such occasions. It's 41F outside and raining lightly. I wasn't adequately dressed, but it was only two miles each way, so I didn't suffer. The shorter the trip, the less the clothing matters.

3-speeds rock for short errands! The chainguard relieves me of having to bind up my trousers. The big tires mean I they don't leak fast. The fenders mean I don't get wet in a light rain. And these are some super-reliable bikes!

spivonious 01-11-13 04:38 PM

Nice ride in this morning, but pouring rain on the way home. My fenders kept my back dry, but my speed made the front of me and my shoes soaked.

bconneraz 01-12-13 10:26 AM

had a great ride in this morning. 29 degrees, which for us here in So Cal is a little chilly, but the air was crisp and my legs felt great. Should be in the low 50's and sunny for the ride home; cant wait!

lanahk 01-12-13 11:04 AM

Got to commute yesterday for the first time this year. It was an unseasonable 48F at 6:30am and was in the mid-60s in the afternoon, with high winds. It is amazing how out of shape my legs are after only a few weeks (or maybe the hills just got a little steeper over winter). I may have to invest in some rain gear or warmer clothes to make it through the winter months.

getyourcrayon 01-12-13 06:08 PM

I rode yesterday. I actually got up at 5 am when the alarm went off instead of dilly-dallying like I normally do and was ready in 30 minutes. On the way home I attempted to take an "alternate route" and ended up taking the really long way home unintentionally. I was tired and a little hungry but still enjoyed myself. I slept in till almost 1pm today though. :O

whk1992 01-12-13 06:28 PM

I commuted by bike on Friday, and it was 25F. I couldn't unlock my U-lock, because rainwater got into the keyhole and became ice over the night. I had to brought a huge pot of water to a rolling boil, and made a nice water bath for my lock. All all roads had blackice on them. I, so as other cyclists, struggled to bike fast on the pavement. It was the first time my winter gloves failed to keep my fingers warm.

Eventually I arrived a bus terminal and waited for the bus. Unfortunally, all buses were late today. A bus caught on fire on the freeway - the brake line was frozen due to the weather, and the bus' rear brakes overheated and burned the entire back portion of the bus, including its engine room. I ended up to be 2 hours late.
That was the dumbest day so far in 2013.

essiemyra 01-14-13 06:34 AM

The ride in this morning was a warm 41f, with overcast skies and a wind of 10-20mph coming from the NW. It was a nice ride to work. Though due to the darkness I do not get to enjoy the scenery. Well I guess that gives me something to look forward to on the way home.

tarwheel 01-14-13 08:31 AM

I wimped out and drove today due to forecasts for rain this afternoon. I hate riding in the rain, particularly in heavy traffic, and the rain is supposed to peak during rush hour. I'm gonna be ticked off at our forecasters if they are wrong, and they often are. My legs also needed a break as I rode 200 miles last week, including 70+ over the weekend.

rankin116 01-14-13 09:12 AM

Fantastic. Warm. 50F in January? I'll take that.

DogBoy 01-14-13 09:16 AM

I have moved from the Madison WI area to Des Moines and today was my first commute in the new town. I noticed right away that I'm going to have to re-work all my clothing selections. In Madison I had a flat ride, now I start with about 2 miles of downhill. I was nearly frozen at the bottom of the hill and was greatful for the climb back up. I have new appreciation for the roads in WI also, as they are usually wide with a shoulder lane. Here I think I'd be taking my life into my hands if I tried to ride on University west of I80 so I stuck to the trails. They are NOT maintained in the winter so I'm greatful for the studded tires. Lots of ice pockets here and there. Then I got to work and found that the wheelbender bike rack that was there when I interviewed last fall was no more. I assume they put it away for the winter. I locked my bike to a light-post. So there are some negatives, but the positives are that the trail was basically empty and my ride was away from traffic. I'm looking forward to getting back into shape, as I've missed my time off the bike.

dramiscram 01-14-13 09:50 AM

8 celcius on a mid-january morning?!? I took the summer bike this morning. Big big tail wind / side wind, I'll pay for it tonight
The planet is sick, This morning felt like the month of april.

wphamilton 01-14-13 10:39 AM

Raining the whole way but a warm 61 degrees. I shoved my the front of my running shoes into sandwich baggies and duct-taped around the arch, and that actually worked! A little damp is all. I wonder if they'll last on the return trip, since it's supposed to still be raining. And rain is forecast again for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that ...

babo 01-14-13 10:54 AM

My first cycle with rebuilt drive train and new pedals. The drive train was buttery smooth; I had a hard time believing I was riding a 22-year-old bicycle. The new pedals were the icing on the cake; the larger platform and studs really helped keep the winter boots from moving around. -23C with no measurable wind. I was challenged by one kilometre of pushing the bicycle through half metre snow drifts on a section the park authority refuses to timely clear this year. They had all weekend to clear the path; I've heard there are budget pressures so there's no working on the weekends. I'll be routing through town to go home. The snow pack on the roads is perfect. I hope it won't be ruined by the close to thawing temperatures predicted for the rest of the week.

Dwayne 01-14-13 12:14 PM

The weather report said "light drizzle." I was soaked within five minutes of leaving the garage, light drizzle my butt. Still enjoyed the ride to work, I'll take any day on a bike! I did finally break down and order the Ortlieb panniers I've been drooling over, too.

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