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CommutingNewbie 02-18-13 07:37 PM

Commuting in Yakima, WA
Hello all,
My husband and I are new to bicycle commuting and was wondering if anyone has any advice regarding commuting in Yakima, WA. So far, biking around town has been interesting, but overall a good experience. There are some bike routes, but no bike lanes per-say. Cars seem respectful of cyclists, especially on the slower rds (20-25 mph). Also, are there any areas that we should avoid when it's dark out?

enigmaT120 02-19-13 03:17 PM

What is your commute? I lived there from '89 to '91, so the place has changed since then. I lived on south 9th Ave. and worked on north third street, so went maybe two miles to work. I thought the traffic was pretty lousy, and usually I just walked to and from work.

gerv 02-20-13 08:34 PM

I'd recommend getting out on your bike and trying to hook up with local riders.

But most of all, experiment with potential routes. Try it at different times of the day -- start with lower traffic.

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