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AusTexMurf 02-21-13 10:08 AM

Bicycle Safety: How Not To get Hit By Cars

JoeyBike 02-21-13 10:21 AM

That's cool. Have a link on my blog for several years. Don't be surprised if many here have already seen as it has been around a while.

AusTexMurf 02-21-13 10:27 AM

Yes. I know. It is created/maintained by our wonderful local bike forum guru at

I was reminded of this link in the lane splitting thread. I thought I would repost it for those unfamiliar.

JoeyBike 02-21-13 10:54 AM

It is a good one.

AusTexMurf 02-21-13 11:09 AM

Cheers. And I like your attitude. Particularly well suited for NO.
I oftentimes feel similarly to you. Been doing it a while. Calculated risk taking and all good so far.
I have also ridden a pedicab in the downtown austin bar scene, similar in some ways to the quarter in NO, but with many more cars. And the same type drinking bar scene. I have made it accident/injury free for more than 9 years of pedicab operation. But I have also known folks that have been seriously injured and even killed in the same mixed up soup.

My attitude changed when I really started to commute with all four of my kiddos and then expected them to ride their own bikes in the traffic of our city, starting around 8 years. It is easier to commando cycle by yourself or even with paying passengers who should understand the underlying risk (pedicab) than to actually encourage and send my own children out into today's insane auto traffic.
I spend a lot more time teaching and talking about safer cycling than I ever did in the past.

But thanks, Joey, for your input, perspective, and experience. Yours might be similar to mine, in ways.
I need different choices for my wife and 4 children, though.

My $0.02.

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