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jhcameron 04-14-13 11:31 PM

New bike for me
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After looking on and off for the last year I finally got serious about a new bike and pulled the trigger last week on a new bike for me. I ended up going with the Spot Acme with the 62 cm frame. The bike was not in stock and has to be ordered from the factory but it should arrive in 7-10 days. I was able to ride the Spot Ajax with the 60 cm frame (same bike except for different brakes and rear hub). Looking forward to getting the call to come pick up the bike.....

saxdiva 04-15-13 12:25 AM

The next 6-9 days are going to CRAWL by... :-)

jhcameron 04-15-13 12:50 AM

No kidding but it is still snowing here so that kind of balances it out!

deeth82 04-15-13 12:28 PM

Nice-looking bike! Also, love the IGH. Looking at building a few wheels with them myself. :) Enjoy it!

jarsac 04-30-13 11:56 AM

Has the bike arrived?

I've being looking at the Spot Ajax for my commute. I think the 11 IGH and the hydraulic brakes are sensible upgrades but I prefer the black frame. I wonder if my LBS could upgrade the Ajax for me, less than $200 difference for the parts on
- brakes: Elixir 1 $62.93 vs BB5 $53.65
- IGH: Alfine 11 $387.55 vs Alfine 8 $223.59

Have you put fenders and a rack? I'm thinking Axiom for these.

jhcameron 05-06-13 08:09 AM

The bike has arrived but sadly I have only had 1 ride on it as I have been sick. I did have fenders and a rack mounted and I went with the Axioms. Silver for the fender and black for the rack....looks sharp! One comment I have about the bike that I have heard others also say....Man is it quiet. When you ride it all you really hear is the tire noise.

jarsac 05-06-13 10:31 AM

I went to the Spot dealer over the weekend and I had a test ride of both the Ajax and the Acme. Very nice rides and yes it is quiet, however I easily maxed out on 8 on the Ajax, there's a bit more speed with the 11. Also, the brushed alu on the Acme is a lot nicer than I thought, it's not shiny at all like on the photos and you can't chip the paint!

... I'm almost sold

jhcameron 05-13-13 03:44 PM

I have been very please with the bike so far. I was a bit on the fence between the Ajax and the Acme but in the end decided to spend a little more that I had expected to get the 11 gear hub and the better brakes....the polished frame is just a bonus as I found that it looks much nicer in person than online.

polishmadman 05-13-13 08:35 PM

Lets see pictures

DVC45 05-14-13 01:43 AM

Yes, pics or it didn't happen. :D

jhcameron 05-20-13 03:32 PM

Here are a few photos of the bike with the fenders and rack installed. I took the bike out for a nice hour long ride today. Bike was great but I am not sold on the factory saddle. I may look at replacing it with a comfort style saddle, perhaps something in the Brooks line.[IMG][/IMG]


Snowflake6 06-20-13 06:28 PM

Get that kickstand off of there and find a Flickstand instead... It would look so much cleaner.

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