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Cameron a 06-19-13 09:11 AM

I had a dream.... Of commuting!
I dreamt last night or so. That my city decided they were going to purchase commuting accessories for all the inhabitants who wanted to bike ride to work.

They were going to deliver by truck to everyone's house various reflective stickers, lights, saddle bags, and bike bags. You just had to apply and ask for it. Needless to say I was stoked and was wanting some bags for wife and I's bikes we commute with. Though I dreamt that I was lazy to and didn't turn my request form in soon enough. So all I got was stickers and my neighbors who did turn papers in got bags and more. I was a sad panda and woke up sad.

But just wanted to share because it would be a wonderful world if we could get more people to commute by bike one way or another.

calyth 06-19-13 10:03 AM

If accessories is the only thing needed to encourage people to bike commute, I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't try that already ;)

There's the distances, traffic, driving / biking culture to contend with, outside of accessories.

Go and bike-commute more :)

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