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PatrickGSR94 07-15-13 02:08 PM

wow that looks nice. Sure wish our MUP had a painted line down the middle. Might keep some of the walkers and cyclists from hogging the whole 10-foot width of the path.

tjspiel 07-15-13 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94 (Post 15853816)
wow that looks nice. Sure wish our MUP had a painted line down the middle. Might keep some of the walkers and cyclists from hogging the whole 10-foot width of the path.

Most MUPs around here try to put pedestrians and cyclists on physically separate paths but they often join for short distances. Some MUPS have physically separate bikes lanes for each direction.

FenderTL5 07-15-13 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by PatrickGSR94 (Post 15853556)
ah yes I remember that view in the 5th pic. I used to take the shuttle bus between the parking lot and the office underneath that "bridge" there. Do you work in the Batman Building? :)

*edit* WHOA gas is running that high there?? Still 3.2x for regular here in northwest MS.

Gas price accurate for that location as of this morning. Yes, I work as a contractor in that facility.

jrickards 07-15-13 04:19 PM

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Awful composition but here is what I see on my way home. The INCO superstack, 380m (1250ft) in height, is approximately 4km (2.5mi) away.

CommuteCommando 07-15-13 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by Booger1 (Post 15853589)
Here's some more photoshop pics...Actually there's nobody on the road in this city of 8 million.....:) .......Everybody works from home.It's much too dangerous to go outside,don't you watch the news?

Don't need to watch the news, my good troll. I've been parking on the 405 longer than your emotional age suggests you've been breathing the air.

RyderTheRider 07-15-13 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by tjspiel (Post 15841670)

All of these look really amazing!

Booger1 07-16-13 12:25 PM

What bug crawled up your ass and died????

Somebody that doesn't live here wondered if it was a real picture...well,it is.

CommuteCommando 07-16-13 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by Booger1 (Post 15857151)
What bug crawled up your ass and died????

The one that was living in that gaseous cloud around Uranus.

the sci guy 07-16-13 03:13 PM

haha he said anus

joyota 08-02-13 06:52 AM

I keep forgetting to take photos on my rides, but the other day as I was just riding around on part of my usual evening commute I took this photo. I may or may not have Instagram'd it just a little, but I promise you that's what it looked like through my sunglasses.

enigmaT120 08-02-13 12:24 PM

Nice, Joyota. What is the body of water?

bkrownd 08-02-13 01:25 PM

Some of my soon-to-be-former commute:

Lovely (haha) and deadly Puainako Street

Scenic and exhaust fume choked Komohana Street:

Corben 08-02-13 06:31 PM I don't want to commute anymore:( ....Hate my ugly commute.

1nterceptor 08-03-13 09:15 AM

Don't give up, just hang in there. At least you don't have to deal
with freezing temps. :) My commute is one and a half hours long.
30 minutes is on a nice path. But for one hour, I have to ride with

woodway 08-04-13 03:51 PM

My Commute in to work (18 miles) in one minute:

Jim from Boston 08-04-13 06:02 PM

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I have an interesting and pleasant reverse commute of 14 miles one way from downtown Boston through residential areas to a suburb. This photo illustrates the whimsicality of an urban commute. It's a picture of Avenue Louis Pasteur looking towards the Harvard Medical School. Note how the yellow lines on the street bisects the columns of the building.

I have to wonder, which came first, the street or the building?

joyota 08-16-13 06:08 AM

I finally thought to grab my phone and snap a couple photos on my ride home Wednesday. I guess the more I ride, the more I find my route home is quite interesting. I leave from right in front of Michigan Stadium "The Big House" (where I work), ride through EMU's campus (my alma mater) and Depot Town in Ypsilanti.

DiabloScott 08-16-13 07:30 AM

Not my "regular" commute... but sometimes!

Mumonkan 08-16-13 07:38 AM

depending on which job i get to take a 2 mile stretch on a mup through the woods, and its where i take most of my ride pics since its so purdy, and im a woodsy kinda guy

otherwise my 8-11 mile route each way is on roads that have assloads of debris and holes to kill my tires, drivers that dont respect cyclists and yell at us, and a bike lane that just ends after the first mile from my house


wisaunders 08-16-13 07:52 AM


Originally Posted by RGNY (Post 15847108)
gravel access road makes up about 4/5 of my commute


jny1000 08-16-13 10:17 AM

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A prominent feature in my commute. The Pulaski Bridge over the horribly polluted Newtown Creek (a waterway, all of which is a superfund site, and which forms much of the Queens-Brooklyn Border). This drawbridge gives a great view of the skyline, and I like seeing the occasional tugboats and kayakers down below (interspersed with garbage barges and other barges). The pedestrian/bike lane is very narrow, and hopefully we can get a dedicated bike lane (the auto traffic is almost always surprisingly light and they could lose a lane).

Corben 08-18-13 11:24 AM

Sometimes I spy a homeless camp set up under the railroad's overpass on Elkhorn and Greenback on my way to work. That's cool.

jeneralist 08-18-13 06:41 PM

Along the Kelly Drive in Philadelphia, in spring.

Lug 08-24-13 12:08 PM

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Last night's ride to work. Busiest seaplane base in the world I think.

ill.clyde 08-30-13 07:37 AM

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Last night's ride home ...

Not quite what they meant by "Bike Lane" but for one extended weekend I won't make a fuss ;)

Later on, the ride got a little less crowded :)

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