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psy 10-10-13 12:39 PM

my commute

spare_wheel 10-10-13 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by acidfast7 (Post 16149126)
you ride on the highway when you have public transport that could avoid it?


i prefer active transport to passive transport.

acidfast7 10-10-13 01:08 PM


Originally Posted by spare_wheel (Post 16149696)
i prefer active transport to passive transport.


active transport on a freeway

gl with that

PartsMan 10-10-13 01:34 PM

Next time pop a wheelie and smile real big. I bet his Mustang can't do that. :)

noglider 10-10-13 01:55 PM

There are crazy people everywhere. Ignore them as much as possible. Don't let them get you down. Just keep going.

Sharpshin 10-10-13 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by AlmostGreenGuy (Post 16149403)
I don't see what difference a weapon would make.

Hopefully none at all.

Stats show that MOST of the time when a gun is lawfully drawn the unlawful aggressor immediately backs off. Even so, the party drawing the gun had better have a spare few thousand dollars on hand for a legal retainer, even under the best of circumstances.

Worst case scenaro, and shots are fired under legally justifiable circumstance, add several thousand dollars to defend from the probable the civil suit. Worse yet, expect physical retaliation from relatives/associates of the injured/dead miscreant. Two convenience store owners have died this way in San Antonio after successfully defending themselves against armed robbers, and a gun store owner who prevailed against three to one odds ended up having to move his business to another city.

FAR better to avoid the whole issue entirely.

But, all that being so, ya know that recent incident in New York City where a guy and his family in NYC in an SUV were attacked for a prolonged period by a mob of punks on motorcycles? That would seem most unlikely to happen anywhere in the South or Intermountain West, where a good many vehicles ordinarily have guns in them. I know around here the most probable outcome would have been "bang, bang, bang, bang".

As to the original topic; my own solution has been a mountain bike, and riding in the dirt alongside but entirely OFF of the highway where necessay. I don't care about legalities, I just have absolutely no enthusiam for sharing pavement with busy traffic is all. And surely a guy who can hit 40mph on pavement can still make serious time on a mountain bike, especially over a mere eight mile commute (the same as my own since I started taking the long way.... not nearly at 40mph tho..... :) )



psy 10-10-13 06:20 PM

As far as the freeway not being safe, while not ideal it really is just one mile on the freeway and it is the safest route from pittsburg into concord. I'm not giving up my bike ride just because of that. I'm getting used to it. Haven't had any issues this week so I'm feeling better about it. I think everyone was right, people are getting used to me.

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