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djharte 10-07-13 08:58 PM

2010 Marin Point Reyes - Need new commuting wheels, any suggestions?
Hi Folks,

I have a 2010 Marin Point Reyes with bent WTB SX24 26 inch wheels which need to be replaced. I have spent ages online trying to figure out which wheels would be a good replacement (disk/6 bolt). I use it for commuting purposes so would like to have a wheel which is relatively narrow, the current tire is 1.6 inches and I don't really want to go any wider. My budget is less than $200.

Would really appreciate it if someone could recommend some wheels.


Darth Lefty 10-07-13 09:22 PM

How bad is the damage? Or are they just out of true? If it just seems wobbly it could be a broken spoke which is an easy fix.

Bill Kapaun 10-08-13 08:08 AM

It appears your wheel is a 559x17 profile.
Sun Rims CR-18 is a 17.5mm internal width, so that's pretty close.
It's a good meat & potatoes rim for a rather reasonable price.

A $200 budget is pretty low for any wheel set.

dynaryder 10-08-13 03:58 PM

As Darth said,how bad are they? Wheels do go out of true,esp machine build stock ones. I've had no issues with the same wheels on my Novato. Also,how much do you weigh? If you're well over 200lbs,you might want to look into some heavy-duty wheels.

MTB wheels are commonplace,and very sturdy,but they also tend to be pretty wide and won't always fit skinny street tires properly(one of the worst tire experiences I ever had was putting 1.3" slicks on a set of Rhynolites).

scoatw 10-12-13 02:41 PM

I use Rhynolites. They are sturdy, strong and cheap. They'll last as long as you want them to or, in my case. Until I wear out the braking surface from too much commuting. I'v worn out two sets of rims. One was a pair of Aeroheats, and they didn't last me 8k before one of them split on me. If your doing a lot of commuting miles then you're going to wear out rims. Particularly if you use caliper, cantilever, etc brakes. I don't know, but I imagine if you had disk brakes then they would probably last a lot longer. The Rhynolites have a good reputation though. And they're a good machine laced rim. I bought mine for $149. They're pushing 10k and they are just starting to show some rim wear. I'd buy them again.

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