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mtbikerinpa 10-11-13 10:32 PM

All depends on the goals and conditions. When I was a cashier I figured out how to get my work uniform colors in jersey fabrics and rode in wearing uniforms to hit the ground running. If the weather was really hot or rainy then it was another matter...

thenomad 10-12-13 09:45 PM

I arrive 30 min before work starts, walk into my building and if a few people see me oh well. I have a wardrobe in my room so I change in the restroom and get coffee, read emails and then start the day.

I feel personally that a makeshift raggedy outfit of gaudy commuting clothes is more odd than arriving on a road bike with actual cycling jersey/shorts/arm leg warmers and jacket in the winter. Its sort of a normal and "professional" look to be seen in on the bike, rather than coming in looking like a construction worker leaving his shift. But that's just my opinion although I know many of the more office/exec guys that ride on the weekends say they kit up at lunch and ride at work too. It tends to be a white collar sport after all.

Often I change into athletic shorts and wicking shirt to hit the gym then just ride home in it.

Nerdanel 10-12-13 11:16 PM

I make presentable-enough dresses out of wicking fabric and wear them over cycling knickers. A few dabs with a baby wipe and I'm good to go. Fortunately I can usually maintain a buffer zone of several feet between myself and my students. :p

FBinNY 10-12-13 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by vol (Post 16145465)
Just curious if there are others who sometimes would rather arrive at work with neat or more professional look than in your cycling/commuting outfit (high-vi T-shirt/jacket, worn/rolled-up lube-soiled pants, etc.)? Sometimes I don't feel like being hi-vi upon arrival ;), so I make a stop at an uncrowded area near my destination to change into more formal clothing. It's a hassle so I only do it occasionally.

I didn't know there were any phone booths left in NYC.

vol 10-13-13 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by FBinNY (Post 16156394)
I didn't know there were any phone booths left in NYC.

A phone booth would be too crowded :D

Jonahhobbes 10-14-13 07:56 AM

We are smart casual so when I get in I'm in cycling gear and then head to the shower to change. However as i sometimes get asked things on the way to the shower by colleagues I tend to wear a pair of MTB shorts over my bib.

We had a junior doctor who would regularly come into the staff base before going home in full Roadie Combat mode. He wore the skimpest light coloured bib that drew at lot of comments from other staff. It was not a professional look and I've chosen never to emulate him.

Rob22315 10-14-13 11:17 AM

I keep 4 suits and 10 or so shirts in the office. I use the gym to shower after my ride. My pack only holds underwear, dress socks, toiletries, and an extra shirt for the walk from the gym to the office and the ride home. I just wear the extra shirt, dress socks, the clean underwear, and my biking shorts from the gym and the office.

We have a dry cleaner in the building so my business clothes never go home.

billnyc 10-18-13 07:38 AM

I started commuting to work this June with the introduction
of CitiBike. At first I just rode in regular cloths but towards July
it was very hot and I had to wear nylon shirt and shorts to ride.
Even though I only had a 30 minute ride I was drenched at the end.
Not wanting to walk into work a sweaty mess I started changing at
a nearby Wholefoods. I would sit there with an ice coffee and cool
down for 10 minutes, change in the bathroom and then go to work.
I did that for a couple weeks then I just came in a little earlier
and cooled off in the office bathroom. I brought some baby wipes to clean up.
Then I had to take my wet shirt and shorts and hang them up to dry under my desk while
keeping them concealed. So, it took just as long to cool down and clean up as it did to ride.
By late August I was back to wearing regular cloths. I'll have to see what the Winter has in store.

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