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Blue Belly 10-12-13 04:36 AM


Originally Posted by tjspiel (Post 16152547)
I commuted with a rack on my road bike for one summer due to a shoulder injury suffered while snowboarding. Normally I used a messenger bag and I've since switched to a backpack.

There's no particular reason not to use a rack other than once you throw your backpack on it the whole reason for using a road bike might just go out the window. I didn't particularly like the way my road bike felt with panniers on it but you might not notice the difference with a backpack strapped to your rack at all. I'd say give it a try. Racks aren't terribly expensive and even if you decide you don't like it, it's nice to have one available to use even if it's just once in a while.

Pretty much what I was going to say. Adding a rack & upsizing tires will change the feel of the bike. I commuted with a back pack, for a few years, on road bikes. There's no need in changing the bike.

Slaninar 10-14-13 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by lostarchitect (Post 16152596)
A rear rack is a good, not bad idea. It doesn't make you feel slow in my experience. I feel much better with the weight off my back and on the bike, and I get a lot less sweaty. I honestly think it's a little bizarre to want to carry the weight in a backpack or messenger bag when you don't have to.

When riding aggressively, I always put the backpack on my back, but when riding on pavement, no off road, I prefer to have it tied to the rack, off my back. I guess Scott will feel like the Mule with drop bars, perhaps just a little lighter (and with nicer gearing), and more aero.

I must admit that Tsl's picture of his bike with winter tyres in the snow has made me start considering that setup. Plus the fact that I miss most group rides since I couldn't carry riding clothes to work on the road bike - this will make that possible too (group rides start from the City, while I live 11 km away in the suburbs).

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