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smokeysurvival 10-14-13 02:15 PM

Street median parking
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I need opinions on this parking idea. I'm starting a job at a shopping mall about next week. It's about a 2.5 mile commute. The restaurant I'm working at doesn't have space for me to lock up inside of the location, nor does the mall allow bikes inside of the building either. I will be talking with the mall manager to see if I can store my ride inside of a possible storeroom or area thats off limits to the public during my working hours, but as of now I have to lock up outside at a rack of off site possibly. My job doesn't officially open until the monday but they are having a soft opening this week from wednesday-saturday, which i have a 5 hour shift from 10am-3pm on wednesday and thursday. I don't like the idea of leaving my ride out for 5 hours at a shopping mall bike rack (roudy care free teenagers=risk of vandalism and or theft). The route I have to take is a 3-4 lane (on each side of the median, 8 lanes in total), avenue that runs along the mall and other shopping centers. At entrances where motorists turn left to enter the mall grounds, the median is narrowed and two turning lanes are given for people to line up, and wait for a green turn signal (marked in green). At the particular spot I've noticed, there is also a pole with a no u-turn signal (marked by red arrow).

Does anyone think that that would be a safe spot from thieves for about 5 hours? Given the narrowness of the space and the speed of which the cars go by (over 45 or 50 most of the time), it wouldn't give much space or safety for the thief to work with. There are also no crosswalks to that particular space.

Theres also a similar traffic island opposite that space with two more poles (there is a crosswalk and sidewalk to this space).

Pedestrian traffic on these spots is very low as most people drive there own cars and there aren't many bus stops along the grass/tree side of the street (seperating the landfill from public access), so I feel these two unusual spaces would be pretty prime for parking as no one would think to look there for a bicycle, nor is is inconspicuous for the thief. Does anyone have any opinions on these spots? Many thanks.

ill.clyde 10-14-13 02:39 PM

And if there's an accident, someone takes out the sign?

I get the idea, but I think it's a horrible one. JMO

CACycling 10-14-13 02:48 PM

If it doesn't get hit first (I see trucks drive over medians very often), the police will remove it.

Squeeze 10-14-13 02:48 PM

Looking at the first picture, how about one of the many large trees near the entrance to the mall? Or, better yet, as you look toward the Macy's sign in the first picture, it looks like there's a row of trees extending toward the mall. Maybe you could find a tree that's planted in a little island, surrounded by curbs, in the parking lot and lock it there? It would be away from the teenagers (more than in a rack near a mall door) and out of the way of traffic too. You might have to use a chain instead of a U-lock, unless you find a thin tree.

smokeysurvival 10-14-13 05:54 PM

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@ill.clyde and CACyling- Your points are both very valid regarding the authorities and if someone wipes out.
@Squeeze- I would consider a tree but in NYC locking onto tree's is illegal. I'm sure the mall security would promptly remove it and or give me a fine if I happen to come by and they confront me.

There doesn't seem to be much bike theft on this island anyway, given that barely anybody rides for purposes other than recreation. I do have in my possession, both a heavy U-lock and heavy chain, plus two cables which I wouldn't mind lugging along and leaving at a mall rack either. Most of the time the racks are empty as well, which I would think mean thieves wouldn't come looking for bikes there.
I may ask nearby bus depot if I can park at their rack. They seem to have employee bike parking there and it's about a 10 minute walk from my workplace (the area in the photo now has a comb rack in place).

canadiandude 10-15-13 04:22 AM

It seems to me that the posts you indicated would be fairly easy to lift out of the ground (unless they are cement incased at the foot, which looks to be the case of the first post) or, as already mentioned, susceptible to damage from careless driving or accident.

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