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caloso 10-17-13 02:07 PM

I'll continue to turn my head for free.

Dahon.Steve 10-17-13 07:39 PM

I think this is the second or third time I've seen these battery operated rear view mirrors on your handlebar. The product I'm waiting for is the Reevu helmet for a bicyclist. I did buy it years ago and the mirror didn't work well. I still feel if the mirror in the helmet was large enough and a battery operated light inside, it would have been perfect. Too bad it's made only for motorcycle helmets.

HydroG33r 10-18-13 12:34 AM

For $200, I'd rather mount an old iPod touch off Craigslist back there, tethered via Personal Hotspot to my bar-mounted iPhone's data and have a FaceTime window open the whole time... at least I'd feel like I'd accomplished something useful.

smasha 10-18-13 02:27 AM

headlight glare = totally f**king useless.
sun strike = totally f**king useless.
batteries die = totally f**king useless.

i'm seeing a pattern....


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16163447)
maybe when theres the heads up display glasses then the thing will make sense..

you mean like... a helmet-mirror?


Originally Posted by CommuteCommando (Post 16168271)
I'm going to go against the flow here and say it ins't a bad idea, though not so much as a rear view device, but as an event recorder. Combining the signals with a front mounted, and helmet mounted cameras for a synced split screen image would be a bike lawyers delight. Especially is the resolution was good enough to get licence plates.

for $200 you can get a used gopro, or two or three.

why stop at two cameras? -


Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike (Post 16168565)
A true good story about writing tools in space is how a Bic pen saved Apollo 11's Aldrin and Armstrong from eternity on the Moon.

as originally published in "The Mirror" :lol:

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