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Leisesturm 12-04-13 05:24 PM

I don't even know the brand of the pads in my cant-brakes on my main commuter. Have Kool-stop multi-compund and Kool-stop black and the no name V-brake pads. They all stop me. Rain or shine. Lots of rain in Portland. I'm sure if scared I could lock both wheels and endo. Even with the cheap pads. Way too much is made of braking compounds on 1/2 bikes. On a tandem perhaps it matters. On a 1/2 bike, if you aren't stopping, check your brake setup!!!


MEversbergII 12-04-13 06:28 PM

1/2 bike?


dynaryder 12-05-13 05:52 PM

He's trying to be cute and say regular bikes are 1/2 of a tandem. He's also completely ignoring things like weather and rim wear.

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